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No description

Courtney Harle

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Beastly

Alex Flinn Beastly Date of Publication October 1, 2007 Genre About the Author: Alex Flinn Alex Flinn was born in Long Island, NY and also grew up in Miami, FL. She loved reading and writing; she began writing at seven years old. Her inspirations come from her favorite authors, which include: Astrid Lindgren, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Marilyn Sachs, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her writing career began in law school where she was inspired to write, "Breathing Underwater," a novel that deals with young women in abusive relationships. Her love for writing young adult books comes from her hard time making friends in middle school. She says she still pictures herself as 13 years old and back in school in Miami. Flinn is married, with two young daughters. Plot Summary Freshman boy, Kyle Kingsbury, is dating the hottest girl in school. He has everything money, looks, you name it, he's got it! One day in class a weird nobody, named Kendra, steals his thunder when answering a question. To get back at her, he asks her to a dance, in intent to only embarrass her in front of the whole student body. Structure and Organization It is chronological because it tells of Kyle’s transformation and development from a boy to a beast and back to being a human. It is also stream-of-consciousness because of Kyle’s thoughts dictating the narration of the novel in first person. The chronological order allows for a comparison and contrast between Kyle’s original life and the life that he had to live as a beast, the first person narration also gives an inside look at how it effects him throughout his journey. Literary Time Period/Movement Post-Modern Literary time period. Part of the popular "Supernatural" movement with focus on other-worldly creatures. Fantasy: The fact that Kyle can change from a boy to a beast.
Romance: The love story between Kyle Kingsbury and Lindy Owens.
Father and son conflict.
Kyle needs to find love to turn back to human form.
Lindy is held captive.
Science Fiction:
Witches can make spells.
Magic mirror that can see anyone at anytime.
Transform boy to beast. Being the smart girl she is, she knew this would happen, and turns out she's a witch. Later that night of the dance, she confronts him in his room about how ugly he is on the inside. Kendra turns Kyle into a beast, and gives him two years to find someone who will love him; she makes a loophole only because he had done an unconscious good deed by giving a random girl, Lindy, a rose at the dance, but only because he did not want that rose. Because Kyle’s father cares only for looks, he sends Kyle away to live with his housekeeper, Magda, and his blind tutor, Will. He gets into gardening and reading because those are the only activities he can do without people seeing him One day man tries to break into his greenhouse, but Kyle catches him and he offers Kyle his daughter. Kyle wanted to find a companion so the spell could be broken. This happens to be the same girl that he gave the rose to at his school dance. A week of preparing her room, she arrives, heartbroken of being held captive. She hates Kyle and calls him a kidnapper. After a while, she comes out of her room and they grow close to each other. Kyle soon tells her she can leave and be with her father. Lather, it becomes the day of the two year mark, Kyle being so mentally attached to Lindy can hears her screaming in the far. He runs and finds she is being held a gun point, he scares the shooter with his beastly looks and gets hurt. Lindy then kisses the beast and Kyle transforms into his boyish looks. In the end, Kyle figures out that Kendra, the witch, had taken the form of Magda (housemaid) and watched and cared for Kyle throughout his journey. Point of View Beastly is written through the words and thoughts of Kyle Kingsbury, the protagonist. Through First Person Narrative, the reader is able to feel like they themselves are Kyle and going are going through his experiences and transformation. This point of view gives readers the full perspective of the main character. Examples “I could feel everyone looking at me, but I was used to it. One thing my dad taught me early and often was to act like nothing moved me. When you’re special, like we were, people were bound to notice” (Chapter 1)
“I love you, I thought. But I didn’t say it. It was not that I feared she would laugh in my face. She was far too kind for that. My fear was a greater one— that she won’t say it back.”
“Where is she?” I said to Kendra. “Meet me on the roof,” she said. “The sun's about to rise.” We went to the fifth floor.” (Chapter 38) Setting & Function Background Beastly, is a modern day version of the classical fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. However, even before the Disney inspired story was introduced, evidence shows that this theme has been in many more stories in early centuries... The Greek Myth The Golden Ass by Lucius Apuleius “A young Roman boy, Lucius, is traveling away from home, he begins with his travels to Thessaly, a region reputed to be full of witches, magic and the supernatural. There, his curiosity about sex and magic leads him to fall in love with a pretty, young woman names Fotis, who happens to be a witch’s servant and apprentice. Soon after beginning his love affair with Fotis, Lucius driven by curiosity, persuades his lovers to help him use magic to transform himself into a bird. However, a mistake causes Lucius to be transformed into an ass. Only be eating rose petals can Lucius regain his human shape, and there are no rose petals a hand: this begin his adventures as a rational human being trapped in the body of an ass and his quest to return to his human form.” (Apuleius) Renaissance/ Italian Version “Centuries later in the 1500’s, an Italian folklorist, Giovanni Francesco, tells a tale of Re Porco, translated to English as King Pig. Once again, our Beauty figure is the youngest of three sisters, but the story changes as one by one they are married to a prince who was born in the form of a pig. The first daughter is in love with another man and kills herself before the wedding night. The second conspires to kill the prince, but is instead killed by him in the attempt. Finally, Beauty marries him with the intention of attempting to make the marriage work, only to find on the wedding night that he has transformed into a man. From this point in the tale’s history, it has completely separated itself from the East of the Sun and West of the Moon fable and the following tales bear much more of a resemblance to our modern version.” (Augustine) 1740s / French Version “The first publication of the story under the title “Beauty and the Beast,” or in French, “La Belle et la Bete,” was in 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. When it was published, it was over one hundred pages long and included detailed backgrounds of fairies as well as the backstory of Belle and the Beast. Belle, we find is the daughter of a king and a fairy who was given to a merchant in place of his youngest daughter that died to protect her from the malice of an evil fairy. The Beast is a prince whose father has died and mother has to battle to save the kingdom, so he is left in the care of the same evil fairy who would wish Belle harm. The fairy attempts to seduce the Beast and transforms him into a monster when he rejects her. This version was originally written to entertain adults.” ( Augustine) Themes •The main lesson that Alex Flinn is trying to teach readers is that it does not matter what is on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside the counts. •The main lesson that Alex Flinn is trying to teach readers is that it does not matter what is on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside the counts. •The main lesson that Alex Flinn is trying to teach readers is that it does not matter what is on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside the counts. Mood (All moods are in chronological order in which they occur in the book) 1.Selfishness- Kyle, in the beginning of the book is conceited and overconfident. 2. Denial - When he is transformed into a beast, he believes that this is just a dream. 3.Anger- He becomes angry of what has happened to him when multiple doctors tell him there is no cure to change him back. Literary Devices 4. Depression- His father then sends him away to live, he realizes that not even his father had loved him. 5.Acceptance- As time goes on, Kyle realizes what he has become and there is no changing him back. He has overcome his denial and is now accustom to his new way of living. 6.Sadness/Loneliness- Being a teenager, he has no friends (except Will and Magda) with whom he can talk and laugh with, all he has is his garden and books. 7.Romance- When Lindy comes into Kyle’s life, he starts to love her and gain a real relationship with her. 8.Determination- By the end of the story, when he realizes that Lindy is in danger he does everything to protect her. 9.Accomplished- This is the moment that Kyle now has a sense of relief, Kyle has his own body back, Will gets his eye sight back, and Will and Lindy live with Kyle. Mood (Cont...) Tone Diction Alex Flinn uses casual diction which makes Beastly an easy read. The reason why the diction level of this book is at a basic rate, is because Flinn wanted to attract readers from the ages of young adult to higher. However, unlike most the characters in Beastly, Kendra the witch, has a relatively higher diction, “Retribution. Poetic justice. Just deserts. Comeuppance.”(Flinn) Kendra’s choice of words is different than Lindy’s, or Kyle’s, this is due to the fact that Kendra, as she tells Kyle, is not of the same period of time as they are,she is of an earlier century. Flinn most definitely tries express the differentiation of the centuries. In 2013, we barely use talk like that of Shakespearean timing, which is because times have changed, and that is what Flinn demonstrated. Major Characters Kyle Kingsbury – The popular, rich boy that everyone loves. At the beginning he is self absorbed and shallow, then as he learns to deal with his new physical appearance he begins to value character and people’s personalities. He plays the role of the Protagonist, who is the subject of the story. He grows to realize that there are greater things in life other than appearance and he becomes a better person as a result of his trials and tribulations, which is a large contrast from his previous, easy life in which everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Kendra Hilferty – She is the antagonist to Kyle. She looks beyond the nature of others’ physical appearances and she sees Kyle’s hardened heart. Her own abnormal looks deceive others and play the role of showing how appearances can be deceiving because the nicest people that Kyle ended up meeting were those he thought were “plain” before. After she turns Kyle into a beast, she plays the role of the mentor; Kendra assists him through his journey through the mirror and pushes him in the right direction. Lindy Owens– She is the love interest of Kyle and also acts almost as a foil once he is in his beast form. She softens his heart and aides in the process of him discovering what is truly valued in life. Lindy sees the value in most things as a result of her abusive, drug-addicted father and appreciates small things, such as the rose, because of her poorer surroundings. Magda – Magda is Kyle’s housekeeper who later becomes his “caretaker” once Rob Kingsbury, Kyle’s father, kicks him out of the house for fear of being reported about. Magda is the voice of reason in Kyle’s life, whether or not he chooses to listen to her, she guides him regardless and also assists in his growth process. Like Lindy, Magda values the smaller things in life because she gave up her family in order to come to America to provide income for them. We later learn that Kendra was acutally Magda the entire time, and played the true role of the mentor because she never left him during his process. Will – Will is Kyle’s blind tutor who comes to educate him since he cannot attend school any longer. He helps Kyle understand that the best things in life, you may not be able to see; a lesson that he learned very quickly after becoming blind. Minor Characters Minor Characters The entire novel is an allusion to the classic fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast.” The group chat that is used to show how there are also others, like Kyle, that have been turned into beasts, is a flashback because it leads into each chapter to give a sense of how Kyle is feeling throughout the novel. The overall tone of the novel is a somber one of seriousness, and self-reflection because this is largely based upon how Kyle learns to deal with his situation and works to get himself out of it. Later, after Lindy is introduced into Kyle’s life, the tone lightens up to become one of impending happiness in order to foreshadow that Lindy is the one who will break Kyle’s spell. The somber, lonely apartment serves to show how it parallels Kyle’s life and feelings when he is a beast. The fact that he is so isolated shows how he is also mentally isolated from others. Quotes “A beautiful thing is precious, no matter the price. Those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy...” - Magda “Surface beauty: blond hair, blue eyes—is always easy to recognize. But if someone is braver, stronger, smarter, that’s harder to see.” - Kendra Hilferty “If two people are meant to be together, they will be, even if something separates them. There’s a magic to it.” - Lindy Owens
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