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Ideas to publications

how to get your good ideas turned into publications and presentations 9/24/12 NATM

Wendy Smith

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Ideas to publications

Presentation at the
Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics
September 24, 2012
Lincoln, NE

Wendy M. Smith
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Turning Good Ideas into Presentations and Publications WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE HOW Compelling Idea You have a good idea you want to share You figure something out you want to share You do something neat you want to share Who Cares? Choose an Appropriate Audience Teachers Colleagues Parents Community Administrators Policy-Makers Local National Carving Out Time Conference Presentations NATM NCTM AERA SRCD AMTE PME Journal Articles Teachers Research Administrators Policy Rural/Urban Leadership Decision Factors:
purpose, audience, aims & scope of potential outlet Internet Blogs Illustrative Mathematics Project What is "Peer-Reviewed"? Avoid journals where you have to pay to be published Be familiar with the expectations Have you ever attended this conference? Have you ever read this journal? Have you ever visited this website? Be familiar with the process Submit Initial Decision: review/ reject Review Decision:
Accept with major/minor revisions
Revise & Resubmit
Reject Follow all guidelines Style:
headers/page numbers
title page info
citations Framing:
Relevant to audience/outlet
What is your unique contribution?
How is your contribution related to others? Clarity

Common Error: overstating conclusions Research:
Clear research question
Appropriate Methods
Appropriate Analysis
Answer Research Questions
Don't Overgeneralize
Research Complete Self-Plagiarism:
No "Double Jeopardy" (Can't publish same study twice)
Must properly cite quotations of other things you have written Seek Advice You are not in this alone--seek advice from colleagues at each step of the way; get feedback from people with more experience I am always happy to help--contact me any time:
Wendy Smith
402-472-7259 http://mathedjournals.wikispaces.com/
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