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Anthony Loredo, Tyler Edwards

No description

anthony loredo

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Anthony Loredo, Tyler Edwards

issues of child labor
some of the issues about child labor was that the children and the parents didn't feel it was right that the children were putting in all that work for such little pay, and also that it was taking up all the children's time so there wasn't isn't even a chance for education
John Spargo
John Spargo became a muckraker to help the devastating problems faced with child labor laws. He wanted to find a solution to stop child labor laws from being inhumane because all the employers wanted was the profit. Employers did not care about their workers and in what conditions they were working in.
There were articles in news papers and children protesting to take away child labor.
why people wanted it to change
Bitter Cry of Children , TJ Edwards and Anthony Loredo
some of the reasons people wanted it to change were that they were tired of being mistreated, getting hurt, and getting sick, and they didn't even get much money for everything they did
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