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my fiction mind-map

It's just a fantasy mind-map from EISP 6a

Aleks Szelerski

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of my fiction mind-map

my fiction mind-map
Harry Potter
Gandalf The Grey
Lord Voldemort
He has a magic wand
He has a scar on his forehead
he goes to a magic school
He has a big and long beard
He owns a big magic stick as a magic weapon
He is very kind but , sometimes a bit grumpy
he has no nose (I know it looks creepy , actually it's flat)
He made the scar on Harry's forehead with a killing spell , something went wrong
He is a very powerful evil magician
troll caves
Secret chambers
Has secret passages all the way through it
It's a magic school and Harry Potter lives in it
It's surrounded by a grand lake
Smaug the dragon
That dragon seems to love gold
He lives in an old castle ( the castle is inside of a mountain )
He has a flame that can burn everything
Eragon has really
HIS WINGS HAVE A spread OF 4 ordinary MAN
Mostly he hunts at night
He is very dangerous
In Hobbit that was the headquarter of the elves
(The first headquarter )
This castle was one of the best castles in the Hobbit
This caste was full of emeralds and other expensive stuff
J.K Rowling
She is one of the most famous writers that wrote fantasy
She mostly writes stories for children. In 2013 she wrote her first book for adults
Famous writers
here is a list of famous writers that wrote fantasy !!
J.R.R Tolken
His most famous story is the Hobbit !
( Yes I know some kids from our class watch it ! )
I think reading is better
This book seems to be his best
C.S Lewis
He wrote a fantastic series of fantasy books for kids it's ... "The chronicles of NARNIA"!
must to read it !
IF you did it already - SORRY
Aleks Szelerski
( Prezi and Design )
Mohammad Hisham
( Photos and Help )
Dragons are often used to adventure quests in this genre and often used as evil characters.
Mostly they are the main characters or
sometimes Really evil ones
Trolls are not so often used in this genre,
because dragons took their role and they are often evil so I didn't find any examples
( Not the dragon house team )
Chamber of secrets
It has a big statue and a giant snake comes out from the statues mouth!!
Its all way underground (Under Hogwarts)
its unusual a bit because the entrance is in the old girls toilet on the 3rd floor
They're usually hidden and full of dangerous traps and they're very important in adventure quests
Troll caves
They are the not so important places for scenes because now trolls are not so much used (except The Hobbit) because dragon are mostly used.
Scenes there are mostly on dangerous bridges and full of evil tricks.
Language in fantasy
language in fantasy is often quite nice and the punctuation it's a bit crazy.
There is a lot to explain in fantasy so there is a lot of speachmarks ( " )
The words are often old and a bit
so it makes the story better.
This book is full of magic and exciting moments!
Because this is fantasy you will read some fantastic words like:
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