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Ron Clark Academy

No description

Jennifer Peterson

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Ron Clark Academy

House Teams 4 multi-age groups that are led by "house advisors"
5th grade students do a "sorting" by spinning the wheel in a ceremony the first week of school.
House meetings are done once a week and are based on observed data from free times/class times.
Essential behaviors are taught every day for 2 weeks in the beginning of the school year. Who is Ron Clark? Has written three educational books.
Was voted Oprah's "Phenomenal Man"
Earned "Teacher of the Year" Award from Disney, 2000
Originally taught in North Carolina, 1994
Moved to Harlem, New York, 1998
TNT made a movie about him and his teaching, starring Matthew Perry.
Started his own school in 2007. House Points Students are given tickets or "house points" for essential behaviors that are expected of them.
House points are added the same day they are received, recognitions mention what the student did to receive the points.
Totals are important! Students need to be motivated to earn more house points.
House points are visual and placed in a high-traffic area for students/families to view.
Every 9 weeks, house points are totaled. The house that wins receives a reward and party. Everyone participates. House Identifications Houses have different colors.
There are crests or a "coat of arms" for each house.
Can name the houses whatever you would like, but they need to represent the morals and expectations of the culture and community you would like to see.
The Ron Clark Academy has 4 houses.
Altruismo, for "giving to others"
Isibindi, for "courage"
Reveur, for "to dream"
Amistad, for "friendship" House Advisors School goals are set up at the beginning of the school year by staff, students and parents.
What is important varies from year to year.
Parents submit an online survey, which is sent online.
Teachers brainstorm priorities for the school year, and are given stickers to pick their top 3 choices.
Students are given simple choices to rank and decide what is important.
House leaders pick one "overall" student to recognize each week, and mention what the student did that earned them the recognition.
Academic achievement awards are given every 9 weeks, as well as behavior awards. by Jennifer Ron Clark Academy Culture and Community the RCA way End of the year party! House Colors Second Parent Program 20 of the "neediest" students are chosen for the program.
One staff member is paired with a student.
Staff members are responsible for making contact with their student each day.
Homework is checked daily.
Second parents make contact with their student's teachers to ensure that homework is turned in and behaviors are addressed.
Staff reteaches the essential behaviors if needed.
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