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Khanh Bui

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Gold

H.S.I.E. Gold Unit
Facts 3 & 4
-There were many people who came in groups to
in the 1850's, one group being the
. When they first arrived, mining for gold was not their intention, until Hargraves found it incidentally. Since that discovery, more than 500000 people;
prospectors, adventurers, miners,
came to Victoria to mine for gold in the 1850's.

-People came from many different cultures to mine gold in Victoria in the 1850's. Places they came from include
. When they arrived, the population increased dramatically up to 40000 in Victoria.
Facts 6 & 7
Facts 5 & 6
-Gold was mined in a variety of methods. One of the main ones was
. But many other ways they mine for gold include
(dipping a pan in the water and search the dirt collected),
(using a box, collect rocks, put them in, dump in water and find gold from there),
dry blowing
(using two pans, pour dust from one pan up high to another below, allowing the wind to blow away dust and rocks revealing gold nuggets),
(collecting mud that could be hiding gold, putting it into a container filled with water, stirring and dissolving the mud revealing gold) and
(Using a bucket to scoop mud in the water, sift it and there’s the gold).

-Yes, gold can still be found. But even without
, you still can’t mine it because only professionals can do so. Also the fact that most
are closed down because
are bigger than
Facts 7 & 8
-The Chinese were obedient, hardworking people, and professional at what they do. But it’s because of this that the white people were
, as they were not welcoming to them. It’s also because of their appearance, with their long plaits down their back.

-Miners' licenses are 30
($3) permits that allow people to find gold legitimately. Like all licenses, you need to go through tests to get one. During the gold rush,
were quite strict about these and kept a shrewd eye at the “
Facts 6 & 7
Facts 9 & 10
-The Miners burnt their licenses for two main reasons. One of them is that they were too expensive to them, as by that time, it was hard to find or get money. The other reason is that they started to become irritated by the troopers checking up on them.

did quite a lot of work but they never actually worked on the
. Instead, they stay back home with their children while their husbands are away. Work that they do include
cooking, washing, entertaining men, looking after children
, and
. But there were in fact some women who worked on the goldfields.

Facts 1 & 2
is a yellow valuable twenty four carat element/metal that is very rare, hence its value. It is a well known fact that in
, gold was first found in the
The Gold Rush
) by
Edward Hargraves
. During the Gold Rush, people worldwide came to Australia claiming gold, using it for currency, jewelery, dinnerware, tooth fillings and statues.

-Gold is a precious metal for many reasons, one main one being its rarity. It can't be found easily in other countries, though it can be found in Australia because they have one third of the world's gold. Other precious qualities it possesses are its appearance (shine and colour) and enigma (mystery).
From left to right:
Nugget, '
', Edward Hargraves, Money, Jewelery, Dinnerware, Statue and Tooth filling
From left to right:
Victoria, China, Europe and California
The Australian Gold Rush 1851...
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A mine
Miner's License
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