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Cheerleading is a sport

No description

Breanna Jones

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Cheerleading is a sport

Involve skills and strategies

Athletic/Strength/Physically Active/Physical Exertion

Has competitions

Rules and Regulations

Cheerleading is a Sport
By: Alia Burton, Andy Nunez, Breanna Jones, and Lori Dickey
Sports Criteria
Skills and Strategies
Cardiovascular Fitness


Muscular Strength

Physical exertion
- the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit.
- Sports require physical activity
- which involves propelling a mass through space/ overcoming the resistance of a mass.

Cardiovascular Fitness
150 minutes per week.
Improves Cheerleading skills.
Muscular Strength
Wall Straddle
Partner Stretch
Back Bend
Like the playoffs of any sport, except that it does not happen just once a season.
Performance must be less than 3 minutes
Extremely practiced until it is perfect enough to be broadcasted
Competitive cheerleading
-Involves propelling actual people through space during stunts.
-Cheerleaders must also learn to tumble, which definitely requires physical activity.
Rules and Regulations
3 Minutes and 15 seconds
Points System
Team Cooperation
Characteristics such as difficulty, technique, creativity and sharpness.
Winner determined depending more on aesthetics and how the routine is carried out.
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