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Global Youth Leadership Summit

No description

Grisel Jayapurna

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Global Youth Leadership Summit

Singapore, 16th January - 22nd January 2013 Global Youth Leadership Summit DAY 1 DAY 7 flight to Singapore "Contextual leadership: Crisis Leadership/ Political & Business Leadership" DAY 3 "Personal Leadership & The Leadership Challenge, Farewell Friends." DAY 6 Flight to Jakarta DAY 2 "Welcome to GYLS!" Guest of honour: Mr. B. G. Ishak Ismail GYLS
Welcome Video 5 Practices : Model the way
Inspired a sharped vision
Challenge the process
Enable others to act
Encourage the heart Speaker: Lieutenant General (NS) Desmond Kuek, CEO SMRT Believe in what you do
Set your goals high
Know your job well
Learn from others
Make things happen
Take responsibility when you are wrong
Keep going even when the going gets tough
Care for your people
Keep communication lines open
Build a strong team 10 To be a leader Orientation at Sentosa DAY 4 "Philosophies of Leadership" Garden Party & Sandwich competition at Marina Barrage World Cafe: Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell Laws of inner circle
Law of navigation
Law of connection
Law of empowerment
Law of influence Flight to Singapore East Coast Beach DAY 5 "Contextual leadership: Political & Business Leadership Speaker: Lieutenant Colonel (NS) G. T. Murugaiyen Vallu Expert Lecture: Leadership and Teams "Leadership is getting people to do things, influencing people to accomplish a mission." Simulated United Nations World Program Summit Farewell Night 'International Love' Guest of honour: Mr. M. Rajaretnam ALVAH! THANKS! Dinner with Boon Cheng & Jia En
at Buger King
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