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Coach Skills Checklist

No description

Lydia Wente

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Coach Skills Checklist

Client Support I submit my client's first orders
It includes the Habits of Health combo pack, a month of food, and digestive health
Everyone starts in the "Be Slim Club" What's Next? Did you skip a step on your journey? Health Coach Skills
Checklist Coach Acquisition Coach Support Client Acquisition I have an ongoing list of "everyone I know"
I don't pre judge on health or financial status I regularly use the "collecting yes" script
It is always either in person or on the phone so people hear my voice

I send the "thank you" email after I collect a yes
I friend all my connections on facebook
I add them all to my connections email list
I stay connected with my connections
I send a "connections email" with a before & after pic & story at least monthly
I regularly post on Facebook
I follow up with everyone who shows interest after a post I have a compelling story that I am excited about & love sharing
I "wait for the wow" when I tell my story I do the interested call with everyone who wants to know more
My calls are short & natural
I ask questions & really listen to answers
I am skilled at dream weaving and I know what is most important to my clients
I confidently answer people's questions
I follow up when someone isn't sure yet
I use the "off the hook" with everyone who doesn't get back to me
I add all the "Off the hook" people to my connections email list I do "tracking volume" monthly and draw my "blank lines" I send all clients a welcome email I do a pre-start call with my clients
I confirm they have done all the welcome email tasks
My clients have a good idea of how their day #1 will go
They know I will be checking in with them the first 4 days I check in with my clients for the first 4 days
I know what to ask to see if they are on track for fat burning
I know the signs of fat burning
I set up a weekly check in day by day #4 I coach my clients weekly
I have a system to track my clients
I send a weekly email about the Habit of Health
My clients hear my voice weekly
My calls are short
I plant the coaching & referral seed along the way
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