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U.S. Regions: Midwest

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on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of U.S. Regions: Midwest

Identify the origins of food of the Midwest
Explain how climate, geography, and culture affect the development of Midwest cuisine
States Include:
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
Geographic Features:
Wide and fertile river valleys
Limestone bluffs overlooking rivers and lakes
broad expanses of grasslands
Great Lakes
Dry and rocky Badlands of the Dakotas
Deciduous woodlands of the northern Midwest and southern Missouri
Sandhills of Nebraska
Native Foods:
Wild rice, really an aquatic grass, not a true rice, is the only grain native to North America, and it was a staple food of the Sioux and Chippewa tribes.
Wild rice grows in the lakes and rivers of Minnesota, upper Michigan, northern Wisconsin.
Corn, potatoes, and wheat are grown
Cattle and poultry are raised in abundance.
Supply not only the Midwest, but also the rest of the United States and abroad.
These natural resources contribute to the United States being among the world's leading exporters of wheat and corn.
Cultural Traditions: STATE FAIRS
During the 1850s, when the region was predominately agricultural, state fairs were established throughout the Midwest.
The first was the Ohio State Fair, held in Cincinnati in 1850.

Concessions offer unique state fair food
Pork chop dinners in Iowa
Barbecued rib dinners in Missouri
Fried chicken dinners in Ohio
Indian tacos in Nebraska,
Anything you want on a stick, including cheese, bamboo beef, smoked turkey legs, roasted corn, and corn dogs
"Breadbasket of America"
Rich soil, good climate, advanced farming
One of the world's most agriculturally productive regions
Recognized for dairy products
Midwestern Cooking
As a whole, hearty and uncomplicated
Mild seasonings
Wheat and honey buns, kolaches (fruit-filled sweet yeast dough pastries), traditional breads of all kinds, steaks, hamburgers, Polish sausage, bratwurst, corn on the cob and pot roast.
Heavy dairy component
Cultural Traditions: Potluck
Name derived from the tradition of hospitality in which a prepared meal would be shared with an unexpected guest. Since the cook did not know the guest was coming, the guest would have to take "the luck of the pot"
Culinary Influences from:
Cultural Traditions: Deep Frying!
Friday Fish Fry
Deep Fried Cheese (cheese curds)

ONE country
with a

Reach out to your personal learning network on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook and ask people to share a picture of a "traditional meal" or "traditional ingredient" from their region.

You might be surprised what you find out about other parts of our country.
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