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Use of Antibiotics in Bacterial Evolution

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on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Use of Antibiotics in Bacterial Evolution

deaths a day in Australia due to overdosing
Thank You for watching my presentation! Hopefully you learnt something new
What are antibiotics being used for and are these uses appropriate?
We all need to be responsible about the antibiotics we take – using antibiotics to treat viral infections like a cold or flu, using antibiotics too often, and not using antibiotics as prescribed are all contributing a global problem. Some people use Antibiotics as drug because it feels good taking it. This global problem needs to be treated.
Why and how do bacteria evolve?
Bacteria have existed from very early in the history of life on Earth. Bacteria fossils discovered in rocks date from at least the Devonian Period (416 to 359.2 million years ago), and there are convincing arguments that bacteria have been present since early Precambrian time, about 3.5 billion years ago. There are a few factors for affecting bacteria to evolve.

1. Biosynthesis which the product of complex molecules within living organisms or cells.

2. Nutrition, which means it needs nutrients for it to be able to evolve.
What are the human consequences of Bacterial Evolution
If bacteria evolves faster than we origin expect, then the consequences on the human race are massive. If we cant actually stop bacteria evolving, it could become unstoppable. We can stop bacteria spreading and evolving by washing our hands after touching food or when you are sick, so you don't spread it into other people. I don't want to live in a world, where something over takes human civilization and kills us all, before future generations get to see what our world was like.
How might this evolution influence pandemics of the future.
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Rhys Blair 10I
Use of Antibiotics in Bacterial Evolution
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