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Flying Food Introductory Video

No description

piggy phi

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Flying Food Introductory Video

Flying fOOd Delivery Service!
Flying fOOd Business Plan
SME Restaurants
High cost to Invest in Delivery Service
This is why Flying fOOd Delivery should exist!
Often times, these issues occur..
Start up
Connect with hundreds of restaurants and streetfood
Build mobile app, website, social media, add restaurants into Google Map +printed booklets
Build a Strong & Flexible Delivery Team
Delivery Process
Marketing strategy
Free delivery within 2 km square (for partner restaurants)
Deliver even for non-partner restaurants (with minimal charge)
Convenient delivery time ( 7 am – 9 pm )
More choices of food
Save time & money
Discount from some restaurants
Restaurant owners
Free advertisement locally and internationally
More customers
Cheap delivery cost
More incomes
Promote SME (Medium/small shops +street foods)
Employment (students and motor taxi drivers)
Reduce traffic jam to some extent
Our Survey shows:
What make us a Strong Team:
1. Nara Sokhema
Major: Economics & Bussiness
Skills: Networking, Marketing, traveling

2. Neang Sophina
Major: International studies
Skills: Communication, debate, creativity

3. Seung Kuroun
Major: Computer Science
Skills: Website & app designing,
social media management

Few orders for delivery
Small & Medium restaurants or food stalls are not-known or not listed
(Poor marketing)
Food Menu


Open hour

Special offers
Target Customers
Young People

NGOs & Company staffs
(Short Lunch break)
Food Explorer
Busy People
Tourist & Expats
Step 1: Choose your favorite food at the nearest restaurants

Step 2: Contact us to put your order
Step 3: Relax and wait for your food
Phone call
& Mobile app
Order right from website
Delivered within 40 minutes
Pay upon receiving the food
(For order below 15$)
(mobile credit for order 15$ +)
Build an Easy Payment Platform
(Connect with Wing, Mobile Company)
Noodle garden.
mama food
Street food near rachna school
amok cafe.
tomyum kong.
Slek Chak.
Heng Heng.
Seasame noodle
Boat noodle.
...and MORE
Le Cone
ALMA Cafe.
Tacqueria Corona.
Le Jardin.
Classified by:
- Cuisine
- Distance
- Price Range
- Customer Rate
What's your favorite restaurant that don't have delivery service, and you wish to have it delivered?
Sisowat meatball
Toultompong bread
Greeny greentea
Why Food delivery is not good enough?

- Only high-class restaurants
- Deliver only for order of 5$ + or 10$+
- Don't deliver after 5pm
- Slow service
- Don't speak good English
- Limited choices of restaurants
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