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Famous People- Susan Anthony

No description

Sally Taylor

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Famous People- Susan Anthony

Susan Anthony
Susan Anthony was a famous civil rights leader, who devoted her life for many years, trying to convince the government that both men and women should have equal rights.
Susan Anthony
Born: February 15, 1820
Died: March 13, 1906
Occupation: civil rights leader

Susan's Birthplace and home
Susan believed that women should have equal rights with men, she saw this first at a work place where she was earning about one fourth of what a man was earning for the same job. This didn't seem right to her. She tried to convince the government to let women vote and to enact laws that women have equal rights with men. In 1872, she and 15 other women in New York, demanded to vote in the national election. Soon after, all 16 women were arrested. Susan was fined $100 for voting and refused to pay and never did. Susan was put on trial. If she could convince the jury that she had a right under the U.S (United States) Constitution to vote, she would be found not guilty. Then all U.S. women would win the right to vote. Unfortunately, she did not win the right for women to vote, but 14 yrs after she died the government agreed for women to vote.
Susan Anthony is remembered because of her work to do with women's rights. She was also remembered for her passion about ending slavery and abolishing (to get rid of) alcohol. Because women often felt threatened when men drank alcohol as they would become aggressive.

Why is she remembered?
Susan influenced women to stand up for their own equal rights particularly the right for them to vote. Actually, if it wasn't for people like Susan we may not have the same rights we have today. I believe her work is still needed as women still don't have equal rights. In fact a full-time working woman gets $13,842 less pay a year than a full- time working man. Her passionate beliefs and ideas are still needed today to ensure equality for women.
How did she influence others?
She was a very smart child and learnt to read and write at age 3. Her father home schooled her as he thought the local schools weren't good enough. In 1837 the economy collapsed and Susan at age 17 started teaching to help pay off her father's debts. Before long she was helping to run a civil rights newspaper called 'The Revolution'
Her early life
Lucy Read Anthony (Susan's mother) had six children that survived infancy, four girls and two boys. Susan was the second child.
What actions did she take?
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