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They're cute, addorable, and downright sweet. What's there not to like?!?!?!

Andrew T

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Piggies

Pet guinea pigs love hay... Guinea Pigs This piggie is happy he's getting a bath. ...and lettuce. Some guinea pigs love baths! Some hate them so much, they jump out of the tub, or they bite their owner extremely hard! Guinea pigs stil make great pets. All you have to do is clean their cage, put new beding in Guinea pigs originally came from the Andes Mountains in South America. Here they were used for food, medicine and even in religious ceremonies. It is believed they were domesticated by the Inca Indians. Guinea pigs love being pet with a tooth brush or comb. You don't need to brush their teeth though. You can use human hand soap to give a guinea pig a bath! You clip their claws every few weeks. When their claws are too long you clip their claws every day. You only clip about a milimeter so you can push the bloodline back in their toe. You fill up their water about 3/4 full. You can also put in a small rubber duck so you can see how much water your guinea pig has. Instead of a colored bottle, use a clear one. With their food, all you have to do is fill their bowl up three quarters with guinea pig food. You can also throw in a few toys and treats. Like a plastic igloo! They love that! Thanks for watching! Enjoy the rest of the Pathways' Showcase!!! Wild guinea pigs eat grass from grasslands close by. They go to streams and drink water near the Andes Mountains. Grass land Stream Foods guinea pigs can eat:
lettuce Foods guinea pigs can NOT eat:
ALL nuts YUM!!! Do you want a male or a female? Female's fur is soft. Male's fur is a bit more bristle. Males tend to bite a bit more than females. Some females are cranky though, so they might bite more. Guinea pigs need to be bathed once every few months. Some people think they are called guinea pigs because in England they were sold for a guinea, which is a coin. Some think it is because they were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors from a country called Dutch Guiana in South America.
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