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Moodle 2 Presentation

Presentation to show to staff regarding Moodle 2

Graeme Boxwell

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Moodle 2 Presentation

Why upgrade to Moodle 2? Course Structure Functionality Extra Functionality Ease of use Faster Improved course structure Repositories Help and Support pages One programme level course Learning Technologists & Curriculum Liaison Officers Development of sites Liaison with students. Participating in staff meetings Drag and Drop Upload Conditional Activities create a truly personal learner pathway allow easy importing of content from external repositories Moodle Mobile allows staff and students the flexibility of learning in the manner they want to learn What we currently have... Subpages used for class activites Streamlined front page Less Moodle administration Efficiency Project timeline and progress Transfer of content CPD Next Steps Use of to provide an innovative curriculum Subpages allows tutors to split a course up into sub-courses and add resources and activities within these sub-courses. New File System Streamlined number of pages Team meetings Centre Meetings CPD Sessions Help and Support Site documentation screencasts Assessment Quiz module Assignment Completely redesigned quiz module Online assignments through Moodle Improve the handing in of assignments Turnitin assignments Feedback Audio feedback Quicker, improved feedback Very easy using nanogong Collaboration Moodle Forums Moodle Messaging Differentiation Conditional Activities Communication Moodle Chat Teaching & Learning Reflection Blogging Moodle Calendar Learner Voice Rate my Moodle Course Feedback is more personal and rich Inadequate: I do not use the course at all. Satisfactory: The course is useful but it could have more information. Good: I use the course regularly and it helps me on my course. Outstanding! I could not do my course without Moodle! Staff Practice Sites Theme creation Available Soon All content transferred Class site content Google Docs record Ability to provide quality feedback Current Moodle Moodle 2 Using Moodle 2 to provide an innovative curriculum Email: ils-lt@citysun.ac.uk "...the learning that is most personally transformative turns out to be the learning that involves membership in...communities of practise."

Ettienne Wenger, "Communities of Practise," J Drive
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