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Algerian War for Independence

No description

Vivian Wang

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Algerian War for Independence

Algeria Algerian War for Independence Julia Thoreson & Vivian Wang Algeria was part of the Ottoman empire until France invaded in 1830.

The French 'colons' continued to settle there even through World War II. 1830s 1954 begins on VE day; anti-colonialist rioters kill colons, French police violently suppress the rebellion FLN founded become independent,
but France retains control of Algeria 1956-57 Battle of Algiers Sept.
1956 1958 May 8,
1945 1959 Challe Offensive What was the Algerian War for Independence?
1954-1962 Sétif Massacre Before the war - National Liberation Front; advocates for independence + begins guerrilla attacks - Morice Line constructed, block arms shipments from external rebels Morocco and Tunisia Charles de Gaulle made leader of the Fifth Republic French helicopters used to attack FLN rebels in rural areas 1959 De Gaulle advocates for Algerian self-determination - Protracted war was damaging France's international credibility + popularity back at home ...but reconciliation only angered French colons 1961 OAS forms - Attack traitorous colons and FLN supporters
- Angered generals Salan + Challe attempt a coup; want to retain a French Algeria 1963 New government - Ben Bella becomes president, Algeria still unstable
- Boumedienne overthrows him in 1965 1961-2 Negotations for independence - Start 1961, resume March 8, 1962 and result in Évian Accords on March 18
- Referendum for independence approved July 1 What were the effects of the war? - Couldn't win the support of the people even if they won militarily
- Massive 'exodus' of settlers ('pieds noirs') from Algeria - Up to 1 million Algerians
-18 thousand French troops
-30 thousand harkis
-3 thousand settlers - Economically devastated with the departure of the pieds-noirs
- Politically unstable as insurgent groups form in dissent to the new regime
- Strained diplomatic relations with France -An especially violent war between Algeria and France
-An anti-colonial struggle for independence which left 1 million Algerians dead
-A counter-insurgency campaign conducted by France Casualties France Algeria What was the Algerian war for independence?
1954-1962 - A protracted war that lasted 8 years and killed nearly 1 million people

- A bloody anti-colonial struggle between Algeria and France

- A violent counter-insurgency campaign conducted by France
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