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tone by :madi and kayleen


Kathryn Larsen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of tone by :madi and kayleen

Tone in the Outsiders definition: tone
the attitude or feeling a writer has toward his/her self, subject, or audience while writing I think that the tone in the outsiders is partially regret, because the author was sad that she couldn't help the people who had to live like that. I also think that it is partially her trying to understand what other people thought about different classes, because she said she didn't think about it that much. Tone can also be shown through word choice. For example, some of the word choice in the dialogue helps me kind of understand how she feels about that character and what she thinks that character should be like. For example, the "greasers" use lots of slang words and stuff like that. another way of showing tone is through imagery. A place that the author doesn't like may be colder, gloomier, or otherwise unpleasant compared to places the author likes. One last way of telling tone is through sentence variety. If the book is being narrated, if the sentences are short and choppy it can indicate the author is angry.
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