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Across The Bridge Short Story Analysis

Deconstructionist perspective

Angelica Rumbaoa

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Across The Bridge Short Story Analysis

Graham Green ACROSS THE BRIDGE DECONSTRUCTIONALIST . . . . . 1. John Calloway committing the crime prior to the story IN A PERSPECTIVE 2. The cops arriving in Mexico, conversing with Calloway The police chasing, and crashing into Calloway The Narrator Three most important plot points Does not care. Curious Humorous John Calloway a man with a million Committed fraud Respected by the towns people Literary Devices Imagery Irony Symbols Mexican City dusty poor dirty uncomfortable unhappy dreary Setting Follows Calloway Cruel Does not act/ By Stander We will begin with a brief summary of the short story ..... THEMES Loss of freedom and dignity Money does not result into happiness Outsider not being able to fit in = THE END!
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