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No description

Denise Chan

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of Drought

Drought What is drought? Drought is a condition that happens when there is very little rainfall for a long time. Diferent types of drought Agricultural Drought Socioeconomic Drought Agricultural Drought is a type of drought that affects food production destroying crops of food and leaving people hungry. Socioeconomic Drought is a type of drought that affects people. It causes animals to die. People and animals have to leave their shelter to look for food and water. Where droughts occur Permanent Drought Permanent Drought Permantent Permanent Droughts happen in very dry climates, like deserts. the only way to grow food is on irragated land Seasonal Drought Season Droughts happen in areas with yearly rainy and dry seasons. Unpredictable Drought
Palmer Drought Index -4.00 and below (Extreme Drought) -3.00 to -3.99 (Severe Drought) -2.00 to -2.99 (Moderate Drought) -1.99 to +1.99 (Mid-Range) +2.00 to +2.99 (Unusual Moist Spell) +3.00 to +3.99 (Very Moist Spell) +4.00 and above (Extremely Moist) The Palmer Drought Index was invented by U.S Meteorologist Wayne Palmer in 1965. Meteorologist's are people who measure and classify drought.
Causes This is Wayne Palmer Droughts causes wildfire burning forest Since droughts dry up rivers there is no water for thre animals to drink and that causes the animals to die from dehydration Droughts cause rivers and streams to dry up due to the heat Unpredictable Droughts can happen almost anywhere I hope you enjoyed it By : Denise Chan The index was created to measure and grade droughts. Droughts can last for several years. It was also very useful for tracking long term droughts over months or even years. Wildfires Fire is one of the most devastating results of a drought. When plants dry out due to the lack of water they act just like tinder.
Fires strike forests every 150 to 300 years. But the ashes left over after the fire fertilizes the soil to help new plants grow
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