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S2 Oceans 04: Tides and Water Power

No description

Edward Jimenez

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of S2 Oceans 04: Tides and Water Power

S2 Oceans 04: Tides and Water Power

Tides Data
Woods Hole, MA

Dauphin Island, AL,

Clearwater beach, FL

How many high and low tides occurred?
5 low, 3 high,

3 low 6 high
5 low, 6 high
What type of tidal pattern was observed?


What are the tidal heights?
0.38 feet
1.21 feet

How do the observed and predicted data compare?

that data that was predicted was close to the data that was observed

Hypothesis: What may have caused any differences between the observed and predicted data?
one thing that causes tides to be higher is wind. so wind could have cause a difference in what was observed and what was predicted


In your own words, summarize what causes tides. Discuss the effects of tidal forces and how bulges are formed.
tides are caused by gravitational force from the moon and the sun

In your own words, explain why humans are interested in monitoring tides. What impact do tides have on human life? What impact might tides have on other organisms?
we are interested because although water is a big part of our lives, if the tides become to big, they can cause us harm. like tsunamis can destroy house and kill people. so tides have to be monitored by it.

In your own words, discuss how tides are monitored. Describe the old and new methods of monitoring tides.
they are monitored though sound waves and sonars. and old methods i would say just by seeing the tides

In your own words, compare and contrast the tidal patterns of Woods Hole, MA, Dauphin Island, AL, and location #3.
woods Hole and clear water were both semidiurnal. and they were close to their predictions but clear water was not close to the prediction
Reflection Questions
What did you learn about tidal observations by completing the activity?
that tidal waves are always being monitored all over the place
In your own words, how are tidal observations and tidal predictions similar? How are they different?
tidal predictions are how they predict the tidal waves will be. tidal observations is where they are actually observing the waves as they are happening

Why is it important to be able to predict tide levels in coastal areas?
because if there is a huge wave like a tsunami, then people in that area can evacuate the place and avoid a big catastrophe
What are some other things you would like to learn about tides?
nothing else

Materials and procedures
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