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Unit 1 Life is Not Fair, Part 1

No description

Nicolas Winkel

on 29 August 2015

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Transcript of Unit 1 Life is Not Fair, Part 1

Part One
Unit 1 Life is Not Fair
Guiding Questions
“Seventh Grade”
by Gary Soto
“The Sun Goes Down on Summer”
by Steve Lawhead
"The World is Not a Pleasant Place to Be"
by Nikki Giovanni
Copy these questions in your Learner Notebook with half a page of space to record examples from the featured texts we will be reading in class
Enjoy this engaging story that involves the typical first day of school jitters, plus a crush.
Open your literature book to page 250. Read the story silently. Take notes on a scrap sheet of notebook paper by creating a two column chart like this:
in this column write down an event from the story
and in this column, relate the event to something similar that happened to you during the first day/week of 7th grade.
Narrative Techniques
“Seventh Grade” uses a variety of narrative techniques. After reading, reflect and respond to the
Life is not Fair, Reflection 1: You will be given a sheet
with a number of quotes on it. Read over each one. Pick at least two quotes that mean something to you and write a paragraph reflection about each in your Learner Notebook in your Unit 1 Journal section.
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