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Happy Birthday, Sawyer

No description

Mintpelt :3

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Happy Birthday, Sawyer

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!
SkyDoesMinecraft is a very popular YouTuber who has posted many Minecraft videos, including Epic Jump Maps, Mod Showcases, Mini-Games, and even a music video! He has over 1 million subscribers, one of which including you! ;D He has a girlfriend, Dawnables. He is the one who came up with butter blocks, butter ingots, butter apples, butter nuggets, butter swords, butter pickaxes, butter axes, and butter hoes. His arch enemy is the squid. (WHO LOOKS LIKE A BIG BLUE PILE OF POOP!!!! >:( )
Deadlox is another famous YouTuber who is friends with SkyDoesMinecraft. He joins SkyDoesMinecraft in Epic Jump Maps and in his earlier survival videos, one of which being Island of the Skies.
MinecraftUniverse is yet another famous YouTuber who is also friends with SkyDoesMinecraft. He does his own Mod Showcases and joins Sky and Deadlox on Epic Jump Maps.
Dawnables is SkyDoesMinecraft's girlfriend. She has done one of Sky's Mod Showcases: Flowercraft. She was also the victim of Sky's MinePranks.
Bodil40 is the Minecrafter who creates all of the Epic Jump Maps. He has made (that Sky has done) Butter Edition, Operation: Tropical Vacation, Ultimate Trolling, Christmas Edition, and Halloween Edition. In Ultimate Trolling, whenever a creeper were to explode, his laugh would be in place of the ssssss noise.
Birthday Wishes
Me: Abby: PoppythePickle25
Adam: SkyDoesMinecraft: SkythekidRS
Ty: Deadlox: DeadloxMC
Jason: MinecraftUniverse: TrueMU
Emily H.: ForestCat10: Forestcat10
Happy Birzhday, SawythekidRS! It may just be your last! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Happy Birthday, Sawyer! Sorry that squid was there, HE APPARENTLY DIDN'T READ THE GUEST LIST TO YOUR PARTY!!!!! >:(
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