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lars goeller

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of CHICKENS!!!!

Battery Caged chickens
The majority of space the battery caged chickens have to live in is only 67 square inches, which is only one piece of paper, not even able to spread their wings.
The free range chickens
Because of the public opposition to battery cages, now many of our egg producers are switching to free range systems, but still there are lots of chickens who still live in battery cages. Unlike battery caged chickens, free range chickens can walk spread their wings and lay eggs in nests.
Are all free range eggs good?
The anwser is No, If you're thinking of buying free ranged eggs buy the ones that say:" S.P.C.A certified"
because if it dosen't, than the chickens could just be outside for 10 minutes than put back in their cages.
The life of the battery caged chicken
First the life of the battery caged chicken is TERRIBLE! First all the male chickens are not wanted so their put in plastic bages( and that is why we have wild chickens) and luckily for a few chickens they can peck through the bag and escape.
How you can make a difference
You can make a difference by buying free range eggs that are certified by the S.P.C.A and eat fewer eggs.

Thank you from us and the chickens.
By: Zarah, Nicole, Leigham and Cary
The difference between free range chicken eggs and battery eggs are the colour. The one on the left is free range and the one on the right is battery eggs.
Leathearback Sea Turtles
Leatherback sea turtles are a type of turtle that live in Mexico and some parts of the Carribean.
Why Are Leatherback Sea Turtles Endangered?
Leatherback sea turtles are endangered because of us! We throw garbage and plastic bags on the ground and then they float into the ocean. The turtles think they are food or jellyfish and eat them. They get stuck inside their bodies and they never decompose.
By Maggie, Julian, Lindsey, and Jaden
Garbage in the water
Leatherback Sea Turtles Real Food
The difference
The diffrence between healthy turtles and non healthy turtles don't really matter. They look the same, swim the same and do all the same things the same but the turtles, themself DON'T AT ALL FEEL THE SAME!! one feels terrible the other feels great!
What are the ones most affected by the garbage?
Mostly baby sea turtles. Like the one you saw on the last slide. They think it's food and eat it. Usually the babies get sick, and if it's really bad... they can sometimes die.
See look

how tiny they are!
How can you help?
It's really easy really. All you have to do is use fewer plastic bags and try to clean up any kind of garbage you see by the ocean or even just on the ground! We only have one ocean and we should take care of it!
Why do we need to help?
We don't need to but you want to have at least one kind of turtle that is black and has a soft leathery shell?
it's a question you need to ask yourself.
Leatherback Sea Turtles ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The great pacific garbage patch
Have you heard of the pacific garbage patch?
Raise you're hand if you have. So did you know that it is the size of Texas and is a harm to most of the sea creatures that live in the ocean.
hi weaner dogs
Fun facts
-Ok peoples did you know that when you throw garbage in the water it effects the leather back sea turtle and other sea creatures.

-Leatherback sea turtles like to eat red jellyfish and red plastic bags.

-Leatherback sea turtle babies are the size of a 5 year old's hand!

-Leatherback can live up to 250 years old.
Questions for you!
- how long can a leatherback sea turtle live?

- what is the size of the great pacific garbage patch?

- which age of turtle is most effected by garbage?

- where do leatherback sea turtles live?

- Why do we need to help them?
- They can live to 250!

- It's the size of Texas!( so really big)


Mostly the younger ones. cause they don't know the diffrence between food and garbage.

-they live in mexico and some parts of the Carribean.

- cause they are dieing off and will soon become extinct!

We hope that you now understand why we need to help leatherback sea turtles!
thanks from us and the turtles
By: Delaney, Jamie, Mateo, Emma E and Charlie!!
The main threats to penguins is that their food supply is running low,
also that the global warming is starting to melt most of the ice and penguins have a really hard time living without it.
Threats to Penguins
Ways to stop Global Warming!
One way to help is to turn off the lights!
Another way to help is to ask your parents to buy gas-efficient vehicles
Some Info on Penguins...
Height: 1.15m
Weight: 30kg
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Other ways to help
Some other ways to help is to not kill penguins for bait!
And now for a change in subject..........
and penguins :(




A big reason is Global Warming. Remember to turn off your lights!
The most serious threat to polar bears today is climate change. Temperatures in the Arctic continue to get warmer, so the sea ice that polar bears rely on for survival melts earlier each spring and forms later each fall.
Another Threat
Oil and gas development is also a major risk to polar bears, particularly the threat of oil spills. There is still no proven way of cleaning up oil in broken sea-ice conditions, and an oil spill would not only directly harm polar bears, but would also hurt their prey so that they could not feed on them.
The Third Threat




And here is a small video on polar bears...






Height: 8 to 10 feet (2.4 - 3m)Weight: Adult males 550-1700 lbs (250-771 kg); females 200-700 lbs (91-318 kg)Lifespan: 20 - 25 years



shhh. polar bears
if you didnt't already know
Racoons and Bears
Racoons and Bears Eating the Garbage
Each night somebody will leave their
garbage bins overnight on the street.
Raccoons and Bears will always be
looking for something to eat. With their good sense of smell they can locate our garbage and eat it for food. There are ways of helping Raccoons and Bears from not eating proper food for them.
There are a couple of different ways of protecting these animals.
1.use a bungee cord over the lid of
the garbage can
2.bring your garbage inside overnight if you don't have a bungee cord
Did you see that? There was a bungee cord over the lid of the garbage can. Did they get in? No, that is one way to stop raccoons and bears from getting in our garbage.
Bungee Cord
Always rinse out your trash so the bears and raccoons can't eat it.
You can keep bears and raccoons away from your garbage by putting a motion
sensed light near by, and if a bear or raccoon comes the light will go on and scare them away
Bright Lights
there is a spray that all you need to do is spray some Ammoina in the garbage can because to them it smells like urnal.dont worry it only smells like that for them
If you have lid that doesn't lock in place, attach plastic hose pipe or a tube all around the edge of the lid so that it creates a seal when it fits onto the bin.Then cut a piece of rubber tube or hose pipe along one side and slip it over the rim of your garbage can.
•Tie the handles of your garbage can to a metal or wooden stake secured in the ground to keep raccoons from tipping them over•Make sure to seal all garbage bags before placing them in the garbage can.•Make sure to clean up really well after any outside barbecues to cut down on attracting raccoons to your yard. Because raccoons love barbecue grease
Northern muriquis
Annie Little.
Annudesh Liyanage.
Elijah Haynes.
The Northern Muriqui's
are found Caratinga, Brazil.
Want to hear the least fun 'fun fact'?
I'm sure you don't, but I need to tell you anyway... SORRY!
Northern Muriquis are becoming extinct due to cow and other meat producing animal farms being built in Brazil!
The reason is that meat farmers need to make more meat, because too many people are eating meat!
Another reason that northern Muriquis are becoming extinct is because, they're getting hunted for their fur.
How can we help them
We can help them by eating less meat, because then there is no point for the framers to farm cows resulting in farms stopped being built and less of their habitats are being destroyed.
We can also help them by not buying those products made of northern Muriquis, same thing they're not making any money out of it.
A Little
Where do Northern Muriquis live?
A) Arctic
B) Burger Ville
C) Cartatinga Brazil
D) Denver
E) All of the above
The End
Shark Fin Soup
Shark Fin Soup is originaly from China. It is mde from, you guessed it! Shark fins. The fin, though, is actually only there to add texture. It hardly gives any flavour at all! Thats already one con.
Another thing is, Shark Fin soup is extremely expensive! Two cons.
Sharks are killed on sight by fishermen, and middlemen. Sharks are starting to die off! It's just not fair!
Though the soup is supposed to be good for you, it's not actually proven. In fact, Shark Fin soup has a lot of mercury in it, and is only just fit for human eating. The United States EnviormentalProtection Agency advises people to steer clear of it.
A shark cannot live without it's fins, and the remnants of the shark is thrown back into the ocean. So... One dead shark for a bowl of soup?!
Sites used for info:

It's a great site that can tell you lots about shark finning & Shark Fin soup!
We need sharks, without them (apex predators) the food chain will fall apart. They have been here for thousands of years before us!
Here's how you can help: Don't eat, buy, or sell Shark Fin soup.
By Jordan, Anne - Marie,
Makena, Samantha and Emma C.

The End
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