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Extreme Ironing

No description

Natalia Balcerzyk

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Extreme Ironing

Extreme Sport? - Extreme Ironing
Extreme ironing is an extreme sport, in which people iron their cloths in lots of unusual places. Person, who works out this sport, is called Ironman. It was established in 1997, when Phill „Steam” Shaw wanted to climb onto nearest mountains after hard day in work.But he had lots of ironing at home, so he combined it.

To do extreme ironing you need:
-ironing board with a minimum length meters and 30 cm wide at the widest point
Extreme Ironing World Championships
The first event, held in the middle of September 2002 in Bavaria. The competitors were three groups from Great Britain and teams from Austria, Australia, Chile, Croatia and Germany. It includes four sections:
Urban- Involved ironing in, on, or around a broken down car.
Water- Competitors could use surfboards, canoes or rubber rings to help ironing in a fast flowing river.
Forest- Ironing at the top of a tree.
Rocky- Ironing on a climbing wall, which competitors have to climb and iron a t-shirt.

Extreme Ironing Records
Creas Lightnin has run 26 miles London marathon with ironing equipment. Phill Shaw is a record-holder in ironing the longest
element of clothing, which have 20 meters. In 2005 the same time record ironing underwater was established by 43 people, who were ironing for 25 minutes at 3 meters depth.
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