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Internship Presentation

No description

Faith Kazmierczak

on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of Internship Presentation

Internship Presentation
Where did I intern?
Clear Talent Group
Talent Agency
Young People
Scope of Work Performed
Answered phones - directed to assistants/agents
Made audition calls
Added new clients in the system
Put projects in the system
Filed new client folders
Filed paid projects
Scanned in check stubs
Assisted sign in at the summer audition
One thing I learned about myself
No matter what, I need to live each day with more self confidence.
Skills I Brought to the Experience
Willingness to learn and soak up information
Knowledge of the dance industry
Other agencies
Something I contributed and am leaving behind
Strong Work Ethic
Setting the bar for future interns
Faith Kazmierczak
How I've grown through this experience
Made connections and created relationships
Learned more about the daily life of an assistant and agent
Received a more clear idea on how to set myself up for success in the future
Skills I am taking away
More knowledge of the agency side of the industry
Communication - What language do I use and when?
Casting Director
How this experience will benefit me personally/professionally
Gained more knowledge about the day to day tasks and what it takes to be an agent and assistant
Help me obtain a job/jobs in the future
More clear vision on what I want to do with my future dance career
Something I would pass on to a future student
Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and create solid relationships
These relationships will most likely be the ones that will help you get jobs in the future.
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