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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Winter, so chilly, Summer, so sunny, spring, so pretty, and Fall, so cool! :D

Joey Huang

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

The 4 Seasons of the year There are four seasons, the first one is Winter,
the second one is Spring, the third one is summer,
and last of all Fall! Winter: The days do get shorter, and very chilly,
when it comes to Winter. In some country's, snow will often fall
from the sky, for every kid to enjoy.

In Winter there will be no leaves, leaving
the space for frost and snow. Spring: It's simple to know when Spring
is arriving. The sun rises in the
earlier hours of the morning, and
sets later on in the afternoon. Birds are all around will start to make nest's, and
flowers will bloom. Summer: Summer is a very, and I mean
very, boiling hot season,so one thing
you need to remember that you shouldn't
look straight at the sun, because it can
damage your eyes, and if you don't want
to get sunburn than remember to
put on sunscreen! Fall:
Some people call Fall Autumn,
but witch ever way you call it
it's still the same. Fall can often have lots of wind
and rain coming by. Leaves will fall of trees, as the
days become shorter. Summer, Fall, Spring, and Winter!
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