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Percy Jackson

All about my favorite person Percy Jackson, his traits and friends

Olivia Long

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Percy Jackson

Percy has a family that he loves!!!
His full name is Perseus Jackson and his mom is Sally Jackson. His dad is Poisiedon, god of the sea and earthquakes. He also has a step-dad named Paul Blowfish. Percy has a great family! Friends Family Percy's best friend is Grover underwood, he's a satyr. Then there is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.There is Blackjack, Percy's pegasus. Chiron the centaur, camp activities director. Rachel Elizebeth Dare, a mortal who can see through the mist. Tyson, his half-brother cyclopes. Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephestus. Silena, daughter of Aphroditie. There are lot's more but we'll stick to the basics. Weapons Percy's Favorite weapon is Riptide. Riptide is Percy's celestial bronze sword that can turn into a pen. You can consider this as a weapon of some sort. He had a sand dollar coin that would make water purify itself. Way cool right? Annabeths favorite weapons/magical items are her bronze knife and invisibilty cap. Grover aslo has reed pipes. Don't forget that Percy's invincible!!! Foes Percy's biggest threat is Kronos, the titan lord. Then monsters of all sorts. You could through in Clarrisse too. Then Smelly Gabe. There are lot's more but lets not go into the details. Prophesy Percy has a proghesy to follow every time he's at camp. The very first one he gets is You shall go west and face the god who has turned. See what was stolen saftley return.
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