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Eco-Terrorism Project

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Transcript of Eco-Terrorism Project

By: Meghan
Earth First! Background and Beliefs
Earth First!
Earth First! Violence and
Revolutionaries VS. Terrorists
Al-Qaeda Backround and Beliefs
Al-Qaeda Involvment
Al-Qaeda Violence and Revolutionaries VS. Terrorists
Earth First! Involvment
Earth First! is a bunch of people who in their
individual countries will form groups political interventions. they will do protests, educational
campaigns, or they will take a different approach
such as protests, tree sittings or SABOTAGE!
The violence Earth First does is really
stupid. Basically they will try to stop
trees from being chopped down,
will hold signs in protest or sabotage
construction sights.
I think that the violence that they are
doing is good, because they are fighting
for a good cause. The media doesnt support them because they are a supposed terrorist group, but its ok because this group is kind of wimpy.
Al-Qaeda is a radical Islamic terrorist organization that endeavors to implement Islamic laws in the governments of mostly Muslim nations. The group was founded by Usama Bin Laden and Muhammad Atef. In about 1989 until the present, the group called itself "al Qaeda" which means "the Base". From 1989 until in or about 1991, the group was headquartered in Afghanistan and Peshawar, Pakistan. In about 1991, the leadership of al Qaeda, including its "emir" meaning prince, Usama Bin Laden, relocated to the Sudan. Al Qaeda was headquartered in the Sudan from approximately 1991 until approximately 1996 but still maintained offices in various parts of the world. In 1996, Usama Bin Laden and other members of al Qaeda relocated to Afghanistan. mostly Muslim nations.
Al Qaeda is a terrorist organisation which wants American influences removed from muslim nations. They are most famous for is hijacking 4 planes on 9/11 2001, 2 planes hit and destroyed the World Trade Center otherwise known as the twin towers ,1 of the planes hit the pentagon and the last plane was destined to hit the White House but instead due to the actions of passengers it instead crashed into a field.
The violence Al-Qaeda does is quite dangerous and is sometimes, well mostly deadly. They believe very strongly about their beliefs and will do almost anything for them. These people, in my opinion are most definitely terrorists. The media doesnt support their beliefs and they are right not to support these beliefs.
Earth First! was named in 1979 in response to a lethargic, compromising, and increasingly corporate environmental community. Earth First! takes a decidedly different tack towards environmental issues. They say they believe in using all the tools in the tool box, ranging from grassroots organizing and involvement in the legal process to civil disobedience and monkeywrenching. Earth First! is different from other environmental groups. Here are some things they said to keep in mind about Earth First! and some suggestions for being an active and effective Earth First!er: First of all, Earth First! is not an organization, but a movement. There are no "members" of Earth First!, only Earth First!ers. It is a belief in biocentrism, that life of the Earth comes first, and a practice of putting our beliefs into action.
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Al-Qaeda and Earth First are similar slightly. They both believe that their ideas and strategies are smart and effective, but there are way more differences than similarities. For instance, Al-Qaeda is supporting their culture and bombing places who dont. Earth First are tying themselves to trees in hopes that it will stop corporate companies from destroying the earth. I dont like what Al-Qaeda is doing, i thin there are less death likely ways to deal with this problem. Also, Al-Qaeda should learn to be more tolerant. Earth First I kind of like because they make me laugh, they are fighting for a good cause, and they aren't hurting anyone.
Comparision and Conclusion
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