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Self Employment Workshop

Develop your Business Plan

Stuart Nokes

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Self Employment Workshop

How consistently can you win with it?
How about a proven strategy?
What advantage would that give you?
What is a strategy?
How can a plan help you succeed?
What is a proven system?

Get into the game quickly
Test your business model with customers
Determine which customers to target
Target and build a customer base
Keep cash flow consistent with marketing and repeatable sales process
Expand business quickly
Always have money set aside for random chance
Monopoly Win Strategy
Buy or trade for the railroads
Focus on acquiring one color group in rows 1 or 2, particularly Orange
Get 3 houses as quickly as possible
Pay to get out of jail early, wait in jail later
Acquire a color group on rows 3 or 4 or block opponent from doing so
Who can tell me a winning strategy for Monopoly?
Strategy = Approach designed to win faster more consistently
A plan lays out vision, mission, objectives, strategy & actions
Proven System = Approach that is tested in the marketplace
Thus we get the best starting positions given at the very top of the page (the top 3 are circled in Table 2). You can get all of those 3 options for less than $1500 and, on average, you will recover your last investment in them over and over again every 13 rolls of your opponents’ dice – or better. So if you’re playing against 4 other people, this means about every 3 turns. In 6 turns, you’ll have doubled your last investment, and be well on your way to building a monopoly.
Principles of Monopoly Winners
1. Quickly get into the game.
2. Determine which properties to target & buy
3. Buy the properties
4. Keep cash flow consistent
5. Grow your cash with your business
6. Always have money set aside for random chance

A Monte Carlo Simulation
No of Rolls for Breakeven
Heat Chart shows best options
ROI = Price vs. No of Rolls to Break-even
Principles of Business Start Ups
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