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Healdsburg IDT Technology

For Jan 12, 2013

Joe DiOrio

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Healdsburg IDT Technology

Pride In Schools Robust WiFi infrastructure (for all)

Visited 3 Schools
San Domenico (Private/1:1 Device)
Novato (Public/iPAd curriculum/MS has iPad cart/HS Students Bring Their Own Device (BYOD)

Parent Education

Digital Citizenship 21st Century Skills The New Common Core National Standards are based on
4 C's:
Communication (use tech to present findings/talk to each other)
Collaboration (utilize Google Docs, etc)
Critical Thinking (use tech to explore ideas rather then struggle with mechanics)
Creativity (use tech to create projects, etc)

Use Tech to unify staff, inform parents, engage students, and provide services to all HUSD

Lead up to BYOD/1:1/HYOD Professional Development Tech Survey (suggests the staff wants meaningful tech. PD)

Standardized Teacher Equipment

Technology coach to support teachers in integrating technology into the curriculum and enhance learning

Ongoing technology support to staff. For example, in Novato they have a full time on site technology manager.

Google model. If you are an employee at google, 80% of your time is spent on required projects and the other 20% of your time, you are paid to be CREATIVE! Technology Innovative Design Team Healdsburg Unified School District
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