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VFR into IMC

Scenario Based Training Lesson

Ken Bro

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of VFR into IMC

In less than 3 minutes you will die VFR into IMC THE FACTS: 90% of VFR into IMC accidents are Fatal It can happen anywhere Accidents during 2012 It's about Spatial Disorientation In a cloud, you can't tell which way is up. Or down You have to rely on your instruments (and training) How to survive: 1) Rely on your instruments 2) Don't Panic 3) Execute a standard-rate 180 degree turn Scenario It's time to take your daughter back to school So why not rent a Cirrus? The Plan KMZZ KDPA The Weather KDPA TAF 0600/1500 20012G19 P6SM -RA BR BKN 025 OVC 035 VFR - MVFR You decide to go. The flight proceeds smoothly until you're within 20 miles of DPA. The ceiling drops. So you lower altitude to 2,400MSL. You're within 5 miles of the airport
But you can't see it Contact ATC? Follow your GPS? ATC Reports Airport
has gone IFR You're in and out of clouds at 2,400 Descend? Go IFR? MSA is 1,500 What do you do? GPS Position Descend Lower

Trust your GPS

Look For Airport Get Help

Ask ATC For Assistance What can you do? Vector/Direction to a VFR airport
ASR Approach
ILS Approach
Minimum Altitude 4) Get Help What Actually Happened (The WRONG Decision) Continued Descent What are your personal minimums?
What do you do if you go VFR into IMC?
Who can help? How do you make a go/nogo decision? What is the PAVE model? Remember to look at the big picture Resources: Spatial Disorientation


NTSB http://www.aopa.org/asf/publications/sa17.pdf http://www.aopa.org/asf/hotspot/vfrimc.html http://dms.ntsb.gov/aviation/AccidentReports/d4ukhb45bphh3s550d23bi551/F12022012120000.pdf
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