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English Past Tenses

Claudia Martín

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of PI-4C15

The English Tenses kmm The present 1. Present Simple -Present simple -Past continuous -Past perfect -Past Simple -Present perfect -Present continous Let's remember it! -We use the present simple to talk about routines and things that we do with frequent!

-Subject + verb in present simple + compl.

Example: I buy at the supermarket everyday 2. Present continuous -We use it to talk about actions in progress at this moment! -Subject + p. simple of verb "to be" + verb in infinitive + compl. Ex: I am buying at the supermarket now 3. Present perfect
-We use it to talk about experiences and moments in the past, when we don't mind the specific point in the past or we don't know it
-Subject + present of verb "to have" + verb. in p. participle Example: I have bought at the supermarket one hour ago -->Compro al supermercado todos los días. --> Estoy comprando en el supermercado ahora. --> He comprado en el supermercado hace una hora. A "key words" exists to make you see better which verb we are talking about or we have to utilize in that moment. Later we're seeing it!! The past 1. Past simple -We use it to describe finished actions or moment in the past -Subject + verb in past + compl Ex: I bought at the supermarket last week --> Compré en el supermercado la semana pasada. 2. Past continuos -We use it to talk about actions in progress at the moment in the past -Subject + verb "to be" in past form + verb in gerund + compl. Ex: I was buying at the supermarket when you called me. --> Estaba comprando en el supermercado cuando me llamaste. 3. Past Perfect -We use it to talk about two times at once: past and past another before this, when an action is already closed. -Subject + past form of "to have" + verb in p. participle. Ex: You have called me before I had bought at the supermarket. --> Me habías llamado antes de que comprase en el supermercado. 4. Used to -We use it to talk about past habits. -Subject + "used to" + verb in infinitive Ex: I used to buy at the supermarket --> Yo solía comprar en el supermercado. The future -We use it to express a prediction or a future without intention, something that we aren't totally sure about if that will happen. 1. Will -Subject + will + verb. in infinitive Ex: I will buy at the supermarket --> Compraré en el supermercado 2. Be going to -We use it to express a plan, generally -Subject + present of verb. "to be" + going to + verb. in infinitive Ex: I'm going to buy at the supermarket --> Voy a comprar al supermercado. Present continuous for future -We use it to talk about totally definitive plans. -Subject + present of verb "to be" + verb. in gerund Ex: I'm buying at the supermarket this afternoon --> Compro esta tarde en el supermercado Now, Let's see the key words and more! Key Words in the Present simple Routine adverbs in general: Everyday, every week, every year... Key words in Present Continuous Words and adverbs which indicate us is something that is happening at the moment: Now, at this moment, right now... Key words in Present perfect They indicate us that something has happened not long ago. A "recently pas": just now, already, yet, never, ever... Key words in past simple They indicate us generally a "distant past": Last year, last month, yesterday... Key words in "used to" They indicate us routines that we had when we were small, ("past routines"). There aren't many key words to this. Just, express the verb in past simple after the "used to" Key words in past continuous They indicate us a action that we did in a concrete moment, in the past. There arent many key words to this. Almost the same key words as present simple. Key words in past perfect Past perfect is used when there are two past events. The past perfect event happened first in time.
Some keywords: Already, yet... the same as present perfect. Key words in the future WIll It can be variably, but some of them could be "next year", "next week", "tomorrow"... GOING TO Almost the same key words as "will": next year, etc
PRESENT CONTINUOUS FOR FUTURE It indicates a very near future like tomorrow, next monday, tonight...
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