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Movie Industry in the Roaring Twenties

No description

Casey Jones

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Movie Industry in the Roaring Twenties

Movies In 1920s
Big Five
Had 3,000 seats
luxurious palaces
20Th Century Fox
RKO Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Warner Bros.
Most movies took place mostly in Hollywood.
Eighty-Five percent of movie production.
Hollywood was big in entrance do to the inexpensive real estate and sunny climate.
Hollywood was the birthplace.
Movie Industry in the Roaring Twenties
In the 1920s movie industry blossomed. America had a movie theater in almost every town. 800 movies were being made each year in the mid 1920s. Thomas Edison was the first to make a complete movie. Movies were up and down through the 1920s.

Little Three
1921 Rudolph Valentino becomes a star
1924 Bigger films were made
1925 Movies go down because of radios
1927 First academy awards
1928 Mickey Mouse made
1929 Silent films were mostly gone
Directors and Stars
In the 1920s the directors started making their own style of movies.
Stars were told to do.
Stars had a lot of stress in their lives.
Rudolph Valentino was a star
Most audiences wanted to know about stars lives
Interesting Facts
Rudolph Valentino Died at the age of 31
Immigrants joined film industries
Many Jewish
Everyone watched the same movies rich or poor
Comedies were frequent
Important to social welfare
Rudolph Valentino
Universal Pictures
Columbia Pictures
United Artists
In conclusion movies started to become
popular in the 1920s and in the late 1920s most silent films were gone.
Roaring Twenties
The Big Five
The Little Three
Director and Stars
Interesting Facts
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