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End of Internship Presentation

No description

James Raphael

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of End of Internship Presentation

Primary Responsibilities
Skills acquired from my internship
Microsoft Excel (V-Lookup) and creating / organizing data into a spreadsheet
Writing emails
Effective communication and Team collaboration
Personal learning
Taking initiative

Expectations VS. Reality
Personal Takeaways & Professional Takeaways
My Journey
What makes me, me
Activities / Interests
Focused and Driven
Year Up
Taking opportunities
Thank you!
End of Internship Presentation
Creating spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel consisting of Textron EBS/IT and Charitable Trust information
Updating critical server information
Scrubbing Data
Developing and revising help desk scripts to assist users with requests for the Chairman's Award for Innovation
Managing mailings to non-profit organizations
I expected...
Easy work / mindless tasks
More moving around
"Treated like a rookie"
Competition between other interns
Prove myself
The reality of it is...
Tedious but necessary tasks
Use of Microsoft products everyday especially Excel
Friendly, hardworking environment
Microsoft Excel
Essential Architectural Manager (EAM)
Help Desk Scripts

Being accepted into the Year Up program
Completing my internship at Textron
Attaining 23 college credits
After internship

Full time job
Classes at Rhode Island College or Community College

Priority setting
Personal learning
Learning on the fly
Customer Service
Results driven
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