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Your support since 2008 - Thank you John

Click through to see what your support has achieved


on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Your support since 2008 - Thank you John

Thank you for your generous support of UNICEF
Children take part in a game at a child-friendly centre in Twante Township of Yangon Division
A box containing emergency aid at UNICEF’s supply warehouse in Copenhagen
On 12 January 2010 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Over 222,000 people were killed and over 300,000 injured. Almost 1.5 million children were affected with thousands orphaned or separated.

We were deeply grateful to you for your support of £50,000. Thanks to you and others like you UNICEF was able to deliver life-saving health, nutrition, water and sanitation supplies for more than a quarter of a million children.

In the months that followed we helped vaccinate more than two million children against life-threatening diseases.

Your generous gift of £50,000 enabled
us to provide education services to circa 600 children in Angola as part of our Schools for Africa programme.

12 million children have enjoyed improved education as a result of this initiative.
Cyclone Nargis ravaged through Myanmar on 2-3 May 2008 leaving 140,000 people dead, 2.4 million severely affected and 800,000 displaced. Your first gift to UNICEF of
£100,000 enabled us to provide health, education, water and sanitation to the thousands of children affected.
As the ceasefire in Syria failed and the number of children affected soared, your gift of £50,000
to support
our work with refugees fleeing the violence was a lifeline when they needed it most.

When your generous gift of £50,000 was received in January 2013, 25% of schools had been damaged, destroyed or were being utilized as shelters in Syria.

2 million children had been directly affected and concerns were growing over the health situation of children both inside Syria and in the refugee camps.

The following March marked the 1/2 million milestone of refugee children crossing the border.

Since 2008, your support has totaled
enabling us to support
millions of
vulnerable children
across the globe.
East Africa
Syria & the Levant
In July 2010, floodwaters covered over a fifth of Pakistan, putting over 9 million children at risk. Forced to flee their homes and communities, children became vulnerable to water-borne diseases like cholera, malaria and skin infections.

Your gift of £100,000 enabled UNICEF to act fast to keep children safe with medical care, shelter, immunisations, food and clean water. We also set up temporary schools and safe places to play so children could recover from the trauma.

The number of child refugees surpassed the 1,000,000 mark with no sign of the conflict coming to an end. The al Zatari refugee camp is now Jordan's 4th largest city,

Polio has broken out in Syria with a real concern that this highly contagious disease will spread with the fleeing Syrians to the refugee camps in neighboring countries.

In November 2013 you make a step changing donation of £100,000 enabling UNICEF to receive a further £100,000 from the UK government.

In 2011, children across East Africa faced a desperate hunger crisis caused by prolonged drought, soaring food prices and ongoing conflict in Somalia. It left 6.7 million children needing urgent help.

With the help we received from you and others, UNICEF went on to treat nearly a million malnourished children, vaccinate over a million children against measles, and ensure that more than two million people had access to clean water.
This young Angolan girl is one of the 12 million children across Africa benefiting from UNICEF's work.
A young girl moves her brother to safety in a large cooking pot on the flooded plains of Pakistan.
A young girl collects safe drinking water for her family in the Dormiz refugee camp in Iraq
“My drawing shows people at the border escaping the bad situation in Syria, tanks attacking, planes bombing, dead and wounded people on the streets" Bassam, 11.
A young unaccompanied boy at a UNICEF-supported temporary learning centre, in Quetta, Balochistan
On their behalf, thank you.

Without your support, we just could not do what we do best, saving children's lives.
On 22 January, a UNICEF worker speaks with a woman in Place Boyer, a public square that was home to many of the displaced, in Port-au-Prince. The worker was part of a protection team that was assessing the needs of displaced children and their families.

To date, thanks to your ongoing support towards the relief effort:

• Over 2.6 million children have been vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella and polio

• Nearly 400,000 children have benefited from education supplies since the start of the school year

• More than 10.2 million people have safe water

• 700,000 children have received psychological support to help them cope with the fear and violence that they have experienced

And much more.
A picture is worth a thousand words
As we enter 2014, we do so with high aspirations and hopes for the world's children, but we cannot do it alone.

Our emergency work will continue in:

The Central African Republic
South Sudan
The Philippines
Support for the children of Syria

And so too will our long term strategic operations:
The fight against Polio
Improved access to Eduction for both girls and boys
Stopping the needless deaths of 9.7 million children
Stopping the abuse of children's rights
Preventing mother to child transmission of HIV

We will not rest until we have reached every child.

Where ever they happen to be born
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