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P5 describe two different sports development initiatives

No description

Tyler Church

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of P5 describe two different sports development initiatives

P5 describe two different sports development initiatives
Posts in the park
This is an initiative set up by the RFU which a set of posts are put up in all of the cities and towns that are going to host a world cup game. This initiative is set up for anyone living in a host city for the RWC or is interested in rugby and would like to participate.
RWC post in the park
This initiative is good because its gets more people into playing rugby and interest levels increase. It will also help people stay fit because they will be taking put in physical activity. This initiative can also bring communities together in they are all playing rugby by the post at the same time.
One disadvantage to this initiative is the RFU have only put one set of posts up which means a game cant be played. Secondly Advertising of this initiative was at a low level because people were asking why are these rugby post being put in place.

Chance to shine
This is an initiative set up by the english cricket board where professional coaches go into primary and secondary schools and teach children and teachers crickets skills and techniques.
Chance to shine
This initiative is both good and bad because it means children get and new opportunity to learn a new sport, also teachers are also taught a new sport to deliver to student making their job easier. They also help school by supplying them with equipment so they can carry on delivering cricket sessions to their students
One disadvantage is the lack of professional able to teach to the number willing to learn.
Secondly the initiative is only aimed a primary school children so there maybe children at secondary schools who want to take part.
Posts in the park recommendations
To make this initiative better the RFU should advertise the initiative by places posters and leaflets in all the popular places in Gloucester to get the word around, also get role models of the sport such as Jonny May who plays on the wing for Gloucester to go into the local schools advertising why and where these post are being put up. . I believe Post in the park should look at chance to shine initiative i take there idea where coaches go into school and talk about rugby and how it could change and help in young people lives such as respect and discipline.
Chance to shine Recommendations
One way the national cricketing body could make this initiative better is aiming it at secondary school students as well so they have the chance to learn a new sport which they may enjoy and decide to join a team outside of school.
Chance to shine could do what post in the park are doing and put cricket stumps in local areas where there is free space not being used to help increase the interest and participation levels in sport.
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