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Programme of Inquiry (POI)

No description

melissa reese

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Programme of Inquiry (POI)

Today's Objective:
As a school, we will look at our Programme of Inquiry. We will do this using the provided checklist to look at a horizontal view of what we are teaching.

Remember- an overview is just a basic review of what we do! We will dive further into the POI later in the year.
Essential Agreements:
Checklist and Tools
Let's look at our checklist- Horizontal overview
Each grade level is going go through each part of the checklist for each grade level. Make notes at the bottom and you might need to refer to the "Making It Happen" to help you with all the profiles and key concepts.
Use what you need to take notes on your copy of the POI. Take valid notes on the checklist- that will be turned back in when we are finished.
You may begin!
You will have around 40 minutes to go through the checklist with the POI. Stay on task!

We will walk around and see if you need any help or guidance.

but your not finished!
Put your checklist off to the side.
You will do a quick vertical overview of the POI but you will do it in different groups. You are going to look for any overlaps in what is being taught from one grade level to another. Take some note on your POI's to take back to your original team.
Get in your new groups!
Here's how you are grouped...

Move to your new table and get started!
You have 20 minutes!
remember to take notes on your POI!
and... STOP!
Go back to your original group and share your findings...
What do you think?

You have 15 minutes to come up with a creative "shout out" to share your discoveries...(What looks good?, what is something we need to focus on? How do you feel about our overall POI?) Have fun!
Share Time!!
Who wants to go first??
Programme of Inquiry (POI)
We need to come up with 3-5 positive statements that we are going to follow during our time today.
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