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Making Inferences

Lesson for Middle School

Monica Light

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Making Inferences

Training for detectives: Inference
Inference helps us to solve our cases
by getting clues to location and time.
Inference is when we draw conclusions
based on observations or context clues.
watch for many types of clues
What helps us make an inference?
USE CLUES - what does this say?!
People’s actions and their way of speech.
Use what you already know!
As Maria walked down the road, she heard birds singing happily. After five minutes, she also saw school children running and laughing after the school bus.

When Jose went to visit his friend, the crickets chirped loudly in the yard. He greeted his friend and smelled the aroma of baking bread while his mouth watered and his stomach growled hungrily.

Abigail looked down sadly at her wrinkled, rough and worn out hands.

What do you infer in these sentences? What clues helped you ?
Observing people's actions can tell us their intentions, their personalities and their emotions.
your inference with your evidence and previous knowledge.

Clues can be people’s actions, words or
their way of speech.
Other clues are location, time, sounds,
smells, and tastes.
Think about details including, what, where, when, and why something is happening.
between the
Previous knowledge
*Think about experiences or emotions you have seen, heard, or felt before.*
Inferences from Cartoons
Let's try a few!
An inference is when we reach a _________ about something based on _________ or what we _____________!
Works Used:

Should the scientist drink? Why or why not?
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