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Vintage Kids | Handbook

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Meredith Strickland

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Vintage Kids | Handbook

We Exist

At Vintage Church, we seek to follow Jesus and apply the gospel to every aspect of ministry. For this reason we have used scripture to help guide the vision of Vintage Kids.
How do we fulfill this vision?
/ We always teach the Bible with the gospel of Jesus Christ in view.

/ We expect our volunteers to model and encourage gospel-centeredness.

/ We intentionally seek out opportunities to share the gospel with other kids and families.
The Vintage Kid's Ministry would not thrive and succeed without our numerous volunteers. Here are the following ways you can serve:
Kid's Check-in
Special Needs Buddy
Safety Policies
To ensure the safety of our children and to protect our volunteers and church community from false accusations, the following policies must be implemented.

Working With Minors:
1. You must complete a background check to work with minors (persons under 18).
2. All volunteers must be attending Vintage Church regularly.
Behavior Management
Discipline Procedures
It is our hope that a few general guidelines will help prevent discipline issues, but situations may arise and we want to help you handle them well by being prepared with biblical understanding & confidence.
Sickness Policy
If a child shows signs of sickness:

[including, but not limited to]

fever, vomiting, diarrhea, severe coughing, colored nasal drainage, pink eye, head lice, undiagnosed rash, open skin lesions, and any infectious disease...THEN

Parents should be contacted and asked to come and get their child from the classroom.
The Vintage Kids Ministry seeks to fulfill the mission of VINTAGE
by encouraging kids and families to

T h e G o s p e l

All Vintage Kids volunteers must have completed a thorough
volunteer application
, submitted to a
criminal background check
, and signed the
Vintage Kids Volunteer Covenant
. Anyone convicted of child abuse or a related offense may not serve with Vintage Kids.
The Volunteer Trainer oversees the new volunteer assimilation process and the placement of new volunteers into specific roles of service in coordination with Classroom Leaders. As the main point of contact for new volunteers, this person communicates the level of commitment required for each role.
Each classroom has a Classroom Leader for each service - 9:00AM, 11:30AM, and 5PM.
Classroom Leaders organize and oversee the function of the different classrooms.


overseeing the class schedule,
assimilating and scheduling their volunteers
maintain clean and safe environments

The class leads serve a vital role in communicating important information among families, volunteers and between classrooms.
Volunteers help Classroom Leaders in the classroom as needed and are responsible for welcoming children and engaging them in activities before & after curriculum time.

Additional Responsibilities:
Run the class during the service
Responsible for interacting with the kids
Making sure the kids are safe
Implementing the lesson and helping the children during clean-up
Check-in volunteers run the Vintage Kids check-in station on Sunday mornings - entering new families into the Vintage Kids database, printing name tags and claim tags for each child and his/her parents/guardians, and guiding new families to the proper classrooms.

These volunteers help make the crucial first impression of Vintage Kids on new families and serve as familiar and friendly faces to families who attend on a regular basis.
*there are also numerous leadership roles in each of these areas.
In the event of an abnormal incident (significant injury, inappropriate behavior, etc.), the Classroom Leader must fill out an incident report. If you question whether or not an incident report should be filed, consider the factors that may be important to a parent.
If your own child were involved, what details would you want to know? Every minor fall may not be important, but what if the fall left a mark?

Clear Expectations
Children can only be disciplined if you know exactly what you expect from them and have
clearly communicated
it to them. A child cannot be held to standards that he or she is not aware of!

The two guidelines that govern all Vintage Kids activities are:
1. Love God
2. Love your neighbor
Classroom Policies

Please arrive 30-40 minutes before the service starts.
We have a time of prayer and time to go over any announcements for the day. This is mandatory for all volunteers to attend before the service they are serving. This will ensure that you are able to get your room prepped and be ready for the children to arrive.
Parent Alerts
If a parent needs to be contacted during a service, the Classroom Leader or a volunteer must contact the Check-in volunteer or Safety & Care volunteer, who will then alert the parents/guardians.
Classroom Supplies
It is the Classroom Leader’s responsibility to make sure their room stays well stocked. Needs such as paper towels, diapers, paper, and art materials should be written on the need sheet inside the classroom. Classroom volunteers are also encouraged to add any needs and requests to the need sheet as they encounter them.
Clean Up
It is important for us to take care of our space, and we want to teach our children to be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given. Incorporate clean-up into class time and make sure that:
• Tables are cleaned off
• Tables, diaper stations, door handles, etc. are wiped down with Clorox wipes
• Toys are put away (and placed in the Yucky Bucket as needed)

*Toys placed in the yucky bucket are to be cleaned by classroom volunteers at the
conclusion of each service.
Thank you for your willingness to be a Vintage Kids Volunteer!
If you have any questions please contact the
Vintage Kids Director
Denise Welling: denise.welling@vintagenc.com
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