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The Clock is Ticking:11th Grade Guidance

No description

Taryn Mann

on 16 July 2012

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Transcript of The Clock is Ticking:11th Grade Guidance

The Cl ck is Ticking 11th Grade Classroom Guidance Your Counselors Ms. Wilcox Dr. Strickland A-CR

Text: 518-293-3294
E-Mail: strick2013@remind101.com Mrs. Mooney Cs-Ha

Text: 646-699-4482
E-Mail: mooney2013@remind101.com Mr. Davidson Hb-McL

Text: 567-455-7217
E-Mail: david2013@remind101.com Mrs. O'Meara McM-R

Text: 646-699-4482
E-Mail: omeara2013@remind101.com Mrs. Mann S-Z

Text: 260-657-6231
E-Mail: mann2012@remind101.com Other VIP's Mrs. Hanten Mrs. Blumenthal www.GAcollege411.org Create an account or open an existing account. Your One Stop Shop Compare/Contrast Colleges Apply to College FAFSA/HOPE SCHOLARSHIPS Resume Test Prep (GHSGT, SAT, ACT) Transcripts HOPE Status Releasing Your Transcript Checking Your Hope Eligibility Moving into Your Senior Year What "To Do"... 1. Get your resume ready. 2. Create a list of 4-6 potential colleges. 3. Visit colleges. 4. Start applications early. 5. Observe deadlines and requirements-Freshmen Profile. 6. Give counselors & teachers 2-3 weeks to write recommendation letters. What "NOT TO DO"... 1. Let a deadline get away from you. 2. Miss a scholarship opportunity. 3. Ask for a reference without submitting a Student Resume packet. 4. Ask for a recommendation at the last minute. 5. Take the SAT/ACT without preparation. 6. Let your parents do ALL the work. ENJOY YOUR SENIOR YEAR! Utilize
resources. Halfway there Enjoy the refreshment Keep
rigor! Don't
procrastinate! Final Thoughts... Consider all
your options College, Jobs, Miliatary, HOPE Grant Pour the juice NO Ahhh...
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