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No description

Kevin Whittington

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Bored

Math Project Hypothesis Our Hypothesis was that out of 51 freshmen students, Rap would be the popular genre over Rock. Procedures In order to figure out if our hypothesis was correct we made a sheet and went around the school and asked 51 random freshmen which genre they preferred the most out of rock or rap. Once we collected the data we found that 63% of freshmen preferred rap, and that 37% preferred rock. In order to make sure our data was correct and unbiased, we made another survey which asked a classroom of freshmen, out of their top ten songs, how many were rap, and how many were rock. In the end we found yet again that rap had a higher rate than rock. Data Distributions Mean=1
Range=9 Rock Rap Mean=6
Range=9 So, after reveiwing the data from the survey, it was obvious which genre was the winner Summary after seeing the data we found that our hypothesis, was in fact correct. Rap, ended up being the preffered genre out of a selective group of 51 freshmen.It was unanomous with rap holding 32 freshmen and rock holding 19. VS.
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