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Jaime Esquivel

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Neo-Nazis

​Similarly to norms in Neo-Nazism, the member’s language is related to his or her dominant culture. Although Nazis originally spoke German, today Neo-Nazis speak a variety of languages according to their dominant culture. The counter-culture of Neo-Nazism is really more of a difference in values and ideas than language and norms
By Jaime Esquivel, Alex Villarroel, William Garvey, Ricardo Angulo, Erik Martinez.

Subculture or counterculture?
Actions and behaviors
Values and beliefs

How does this subculture/counterculture differ from the larger culture?

What does the subculture/counterculture do to fit into the larger culture?

Subculture or Counterculture?
Our group of individuals Neo-Nazis are defined as a counterculture. Countercultures are groups of people who go against the norms, values, and common behavior of the majority of a society. Neo-Nazis (aka Skin Heads) go completely against what is accepted in normal society. They have complete disregard for laws and equality of all human beings. They make it their mission to bring down other subcultures like Jews, homosexuals, minorities, etc. They commit cruel acts of brutality and terror to their victims, all the way from physical to mental attacks. Neo-Nazis are clear example of what a counterculture is, a group determined to fight the norm of modern day society.
Values and beliefs
The Neo-Nazi group bases their basic beliefs on the original Nazi doctrine instilled by the Nationalist German party in World War II. The most common features of all sects of this counterculture is their admiration for Adolf Hitler ,and their blatant denial of the holocaust. Their excuse for hating other races are based on tradition, discipline, and self respect. Members of this organization see the white race as superior and believe anyone else to be inferior. They see the past as glory days that stood for the righteousness of good people without considering minorities as "people". They have pride in their race and plan to exterminate others in the world.
​Neo-Nazism is a counter-culture that exists across the world in many cultures.
Because of this, there really are no norms specific to the counter-culture.
Aside from some violent outbursts towards individuals of Jews or homosexuals,
the norms of Neo-Nazism typically fall under the dominant culture. Neo-Nazism
exists literally all over the world from Russia to France to Brazil and even
Israel, which have very much varying cultures

The Neo-nazis' have different symbols one including the standard swatsiga are dependent upon division and country.
The Neo-Nazis which is a counterculture as previously stated differs from the larger culture due to its extreme discrimination against different races, religions, and any separate beliefs from their own.
How does this subculture/counterculture differ from the larger culture?
Are they a subculture or counterculture?

Neo-Nazi members rarely respect the culture around them, whether here in America or elsewhere. They respect other white people in their society even if they are not associated with the Neo-Nazi group. In their minds, the "perfect race" should be the only one allowed to thrive. The group does not go out and terrorize minorities in plain sight ,but they do harass or even kill people in secret. This group is a counterculture that aims to redefine society to their wanting. They have no regard for any other races in any country
Actions and Behavior
The Neo-nazis are an organized group who live by a common code that sets and gives reason for themselves
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children It can also refer to another 14-word slogan: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth
The Neo-Nazis have harassed many and are one
of the main violent countercultures that effects
today's society.
The concept of Neo-Nazism emerged
shortly after WW2 in an attempt to bring back the glory of the original Nazism of Adolf Hitler. Small groups began to emerge in the socialist states of Eastern Europe. One of the first major Neo-Nazi parties in that area was the Austrian National Democratic Party. Later on, as the years passed, Neo-Nazism would spread around the world. Even into the former enemy of Nazism, the US. Many WW2 veterans have cried out that it was the wrong choice for America to side with the Allies during the great conflict. The American Nazi Party was founded G.L. Rockewell, a former Navy Pilot on the Pacific fleet. Throughout this recuurence of Nazism, the main goal has remained the same, white suprmeacy.
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