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Layers of the Sun

No description

Calyssa Hoy

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Layers of the Sun

Layers of the Sun
1) The Corona
- Outer most layer of the sun
- Temperature is about 2 million degrees Celsius
- The corona is the bright halo that is still visible during the solar eclipse
- sends out a stream of charged particles called
solar wind
2) Chromosphere
Main Layers of the Sun
4) Convection Zone
3) Photosphere
Sun's atmosphere:
1) Corona
2) Chromosphere
3) Photosphere
Inner Layers:
4) Convection Zone
5) Radiative Zone
6) Core
-middle layer of the sun's atmosphere that gives off a reddish glow
-home to tremendous explosions of energy called
solar flares
-Temperature is about 100,000 degrees Celsius

- layer of the sun's atmosphere that gives off visible light
-Temperature is about 5, 500 degrees Celsius
-Dark spots on the photosphere are called
sun spots
, which have cooler temperatures than the photosphere
-Temperature is about 1.1 million degrees Celsius
-hot gases rise from the bottom of the convection zone and gradually cool as they approach the top. Cooler gasses sink, forming loops of gas that move heat toward the sun's surface

5) Radiative zone

-temperature is about 2.5 million Celsius
-where heat is sent into surrounding plasma
6) Core
-core is the centre of the sun
-temperature is about 2.5 million degrees Celsius
-Hydrogen nuclei and helium nuclei combine to create the fuel to keep the sun shining
-the sun has enough fuel to burn for about 5 billion more years, then it will become a red giant, swell to 10 times its normal size, swallow up the earth, and become a white dwarf
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