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mid term


Tim Rouse

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of mid term

ecstatics calvary pedals independant musician
mixture of new and old technolegies
a general increase in live electronic music in commmercial industry some of the big names using ableton live are

imogen heap
kieran hebdan
daft punk
hot chip
zero 7
nine inch nails can calvary pedals be commercially succesful? cost for manufcatering a pedal (roughly) =

£50 for raw materials
Time paid per hour = ?

Current selling price £150 Endorsements

Currently KId adrift (electronic deperatment of Pete Senee)

I believe that the key to making calvary pedals a succes is building a community of users who feedback and interact with each other around the music and design of the product.

Prime example of how this is succesful in other products in the monome.


The monome has built its success on the community that surrounds it. People can build and modify there own monomes and design software and patches to use with it. Therefor people interact with each other sharing the experience and then building the network of people using the product.

Another reason why the monones have been so succesful is that they have made it possible to build your own individual monome.There is demand for hand crafter and individual things when most things people consume are one of a million off a factory line.

This is the market i will be looking to reach with hand crafted controller instrument. + vs a world of possibilities
the future of live electronic intro business Electronical instrument evolution The Hammond Organ
1935 The Moog Synthesizer
1964 The Synclavier
1977 Emulator
1982 midi
1983 tape recordings
music concrete
Pierre Schaeffer sampling digital synthesisers computer music large anolgue studios smaller home studios more wide spread
analogue synthesis modular synthesizers computer age the grampaophone live electronic performance software
first digital loopers can only store up to 2 seconds large storage loopers can hold up ato an hour memory
hardware instruments software instruments controlled with hardware small scale bespoke vs mass manufacter echoplex electro-harmonix 2880 famous loopers
Pierre Scaeffer
imogen heap
beardy man
Foy vance
Steve Reich
brian eno
Robert Fripp
Juana Molina
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