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The Wars Symbolism

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maddy` lancia

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Wars Symbolism

The Wars Symbolism
Smaller Symbols
The symbol of innocence is shown throughout the book the wars. starting off with Rowena, and following through from the injured, to the lone German in the trench. I think that timothy Findley made the symbol of innocence so prudent to express that not everyone wanted to kill the opposition. I think he wanted the reader to understand that some people were just following orders, that in the end were just human.

There is many symbols that shine through in The Wars, more than others. A few symbols that have greater meaning are innocence, animals and Robert. There is other symbols in the novel which are not as strongly shown like injury,Rowena and the four elements.
Robert's Pistol- Roberts pistol symbolizes authority, and change. This pistol changed Robert. After shooting the horse he was never the same. Authority is symbolized because of Robert shooting it to put order when chaos was occurring during the gas attack.
Rowena- Lots of things remind Robert of his older sister, most things that do are innocent animals and people who become victims and gain injuries.
Injury-Once something becomes injured it causes all the characters to care for them. When Harris become hurt, Robert went to visit him quite often in the hospital, Rodwell took in hurt animals to shelter them from the dangers of war. This symbolizes hope, once someone becomes injured in any way, someone steps ups to help them.
There are all four elements throughout the book, earth, water, air and fire.

Earth-During Roberts time in Ypres, he got stuck in the mud battling for his life. In this part mud is representing earth.

Water- Represents change. Water appears whenever a big event happens. Looking back to Rowenas death, Robert took a bath after his sisters death, a rain fall at the funeral, raining on the battle field and when Robert enlists in the army .
Fire- Represents pain, death and destruction. It is shown through guns and flame throwers. Flames also claims Roberts life.

Air- Representing life. Robert and his men lives are threatened with the chlorine gas attack but they were saved by their urine.
By, Alec, Kyle, Riley and Maddy
Rowena-an child born with a disability completely helpless
Harris – young boy who became ill on the boat ending in his demise
Injured soldiers – regular people just following orders at the potential cost of there life
The lone German – a young soldier who saw the beauty in a dark place unable to take a life

What is the song about?

This song written by Ray Davies is about how every solider has a mother, and every mother will weep for their son.

In the book the wars, we follow the story of the protagonist named Robert Ross. He is a nineteen year old man with a caring heart, and a very bale mind. After hearing that you would think he was an ultimate soldier, but he has a few fatal flaws, he is very inexperienced, and at times, cares too much for his own good. With that being said, Robert is a very important piece of this novel, (not only because he’s the protagonist) because he leads flees of troops in the war and is trusted completely by his senior officers. Robert also represents something that you don’t often see represented in novels now days, because Robert Ross represents Salvation.

Robert Ross
The definition of Salvation is “the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences”
Robert saves his soul from sin by constantly trying to protect everyone is his fleet and everyone around him for that matter. Some examples of this are; killing the German, (so that no one else would have gotten killed), and informing everyone to pee on their handkerchief, and placing it on their faces so that they don’t get affected by the gas. There are many more examples of Robert Ross doing good for everyone around him, but to simply state one fact, the reasoning behind our thoughts is simply the fact that Robert cares about everyone around him.
Throughout the novel Timothy Findley uses animals as a big symbol of the story. He creates a close tight knit relationship between Robert and the animals, and gives a strong output as to how Robert looks at the world with animals. Robert sees thing in the natural world that he does not see in human society, like freedom and authenticity. The animals also teach him a lot of things, for example the the coyotes teach him a lot about hunters and soldiers and that you must chose your targets wisely. Findley also uses the destruction of the animals as reasoning to why he acts out violently against the human construction of war. Roberts love for the animals is so strong because he also discovers that the animals do not judge him, he has no need to impress them or hide who he is from them. The animals symbolize many different things birds symbolize danger or a warning sign for Robert, the coyote is a symbol between man and beast, friendship, companionship and loyalty towards Robert. The rabbits are a symbol of innocence and purity and bring back memories of Rowena, and lastly the horses represent the best parts of Roberts life before the war.

The animals are a very important concept of the novel “The Wars” and without them the character of Robert would not be as strong and empowering as his is.

What does the song say about war?
It expresses that war is a waste. It wastes away man. It leaves them alone in a field without a grave or a flag. War wastes away at a mothers love and turns it in to sorrow. All that’s left are memories and a picture on a wall creatively covered by fresh flowers. Ray Davies thinks war is a waste.
How does it specifically connect to the novel?
This song is connected to the novel because Robert's mother has a difficult time dealing with him leaving. She becomes addicted to alcohol. In the part below it comments on how the world keeps turning no matter what happens Mrs.Ross cannot keep on living without Robert close by, she seems to have put her life on hold.

"somewhere someone is crying
someone is trying to be so brace
but still the world keeps turning
Though all the children have gone away"
How does the tittle work
The title “Some Mother’s Son” voiced the topic of the song and set the atmosphere of anguish for the

The End
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