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Expanding Great Options

No description

Shawn Swanson

on 17 October 2010

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Transcript of Expanding Great Options

high school Expanding Great Options
School Community Recommendations
MISSION The NWHS Center for Communications mission will be to prepare students as exemplary communicators equipped to be successful in college, work and life by providing a rigorous communication theme based curriculum that integrates community partnerships with experiential learning.
PROGRAMMING Communications intergrated across content areas Increased communications themed electives Experiential learning and internships Audio production
Video production
Graphic design
Desktop publishing Implementation
Strategies Alignment with state content standards Common collaborative planning Common assessments BCPSS benchmarks
Common unit assessments High quality professional development Mentoring
Site-based programing Literacy Reading assessments
Reading specialist
Reading block Mathematics Project 3+3 Math computation assessment
High frequency indicators infused
into other content areas Measurable Outcomes PBIS Fully integrated research-based model
Comprehensive student support Facilities Community-based Organizations Communications and broadcast technology studios (audio and video)
Windows Park Heights Renaissance
Urban Alliance
Fallstaff Community Association Increased number of eight graders choosing NWHSC 2 Increased pass rates on MD HSA's Increased academic diversity Increased academic diversity Student Targeted Areas
for Improvement Student enrollment
Student achievement
Student engagement Recommendations Making substansive changes to academic programing Thematic programing with a focus on communications
Research based practices for instruction
Increase community partnerships
Provide students with experiential learning Increased number of eight graders choosing NWHSC 2 Decreased student mobility Northwestern high school
center for communications NWHSC 2
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