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Mahatma Gandi and Malala Yousafzai

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James Snowball

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Mahatma Gandi and Malala Yousafzai

Mahatma Gandhi and Malala Yousafzai
Who are they?
Mahatma Gandhi, the man who faught for the freedom of india.
Gandhi's Strengths
Malala Yousafzia, the girl who fights for womens education rights around the world, and at home.
Was a well educated man who believed that the power of words were stronger than the power of an army.

Had a never ending persistence to free his nation from the oppression of the European nations, primarily the British.
Malala's Streangths
The courage to fight against an oppressing power.
A will to never give up on the right to an education for women everywhere.
Strength to persist even through times of extreme challenge and controversy, like being shot in the face.
Comparing the Two
Malala Yousafzai is described as a 'Female Gandhi,' by many who know her story. Malala and Gandhi both argued, and in Malala's case continues to argue and fight against highly controversial topics. Both leaders fought for the freedom of a nation or large group of people and both believe that a non violent approach is key to success.

Both Gahndi and Yousafzai are Christian Leaders
Malala Yousafzia and Mahatma Gandhi are both good examples of Christian leaders. Both were natural born leaders who continued to think of others rather than themselves first. They fought for peoples rights to freedom and even in the face of threats to their lives they continued to argue for what they believed in. Gandhi did not actually follow a perticular religion but was instead mutual on his standing so as to reach all of india, but I still believe he showed that he was a Christian leader.
They changed the world, they can lead like few others
To fully understand if these two leaders are effective leaders 'on paper,' lets compare them to the ten ingredients to effective leadership.
Why I Chose these Leaders
Malala Yousafzai and Mahatma Gandhi have both changed the world in incredible ways and their leadership styles appear to come to them so fluently, and so i believe these two deserved to be recognised as important leaders who improved the world.
Gandhi was born into a rich family on October 2, 1869 in India.

Mahatma Gandhi was not really interested in religion. However, after reading "Bhagavad Gati," he became inspired by the concept of nonviolence and peace and it became a steppingstone of his towards becoming the great peacemaker we know him as.

In 1883, Mahatma Gandhi traveled to London, England and studied law and jurisprudence and returned to India in 1914.

He became an advocate for the rights of Indians
and later became a leader of India's independence movements that were launched against the British Empire in India

Malala and her family lived in Swat valley in Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa when she was a young girl.
When the Taliban took control over the area, Malala spoke out and refused to be silenced, she fought for her right to education.
Then on October 9, 2012 Malala almost paid the ultimate price, when she was shot in the head by a memeber of the Taliban, attepting to silence her cries for equal rights.
Malala's father is a poet, school owner, and and education activist himself, the owner of the school in which Malala studied before the Taliban gained power.
Malala once said that "The pen is mightier than sword". And argues that the Taliban were and still are afraid of change, afraid of the equality that we will bring into our society.
Malala, her two younger brothers, and her parents all board in Birmingham, England, Malala once said she wanted to be doctor, but now she believes if she becomes a politician then she will be able to change the education system and inprove the lives of many.
She won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her actions.
The difference between Malala and Gandhi is that while Gandhi fought for an entire nation, Malala fights specifically for female's rights to and education around the world.
A clear vision of yourself, others and the world
Mahatma Gandhi
Knew what he expected in himself
knew what he wanted to achieve for his nation and that he would be supported.
Knew the power words had on the world and what he could achieve
Malala Yousafzia
Knew that, despite her young age, she could make a difference
Knew that there many others under the same circumstances who would support her
Knows that the world is a changing place and that there is no place for sexism in this modern age.
Both knew their God given strengths
Both Gandhi and Malala knew that they had the responsibility to take action, and knew that they had the will and power given to them by God to be able to achieve such amazing feats
Living In Accordance with their Values
Both leaders believed that the power of words will overcome brutality in the end, and so neither ever resorted to violence or encouraged such act to be committed, instead staying true to themselves and their followers by protesting through their voices.
Include the People
Malala and Gandhi both included the masses in their protests, calling for everyone to help and support, as they both believed that if enough people became involved and fought for a cause, eventually people will begin to listen.
Know What Your Goal Is.
Gandhi and Malala weren't just arguing for the sake of it, both leaders fought for the freedom of their people and so continued to fight for that point, as well as make it clear to everyone else what they were fighting for.
Staying Positive
This quality is most noticeable in Malala, as due to complications between her the Taliban, she was shot in the face on her way to school, yet despite this she has continued to fight for her cause and has since been awarded a Noble Peace Prize for her efforts
Communication Skills
Both leaders were able to argue a point and successfully address huge numbers of supporters, as well as people who did exactly see eye to eye.
Motivate Others to Greatness
Mahatma Gandhi is an incredible example of this quality, as from him have come hundreds of peaceful protesters who believe words are more powerful than weapons, one of his greatest disciples, Malala Yousafzia
Willingness to Admit Failure and Learn From It
Nobody is completely perfect, and both leaders realised that, and so not only admit to their one failures and learn from them, but also learn from those around them and take on any advice they may be given.
Continuing to improve ones self
Gandhimay struggle with this in recent times as he has since passed on, however Malala continues to learn from her past experience and from the stories she has heard from others, and works with this to better herself and the world.
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