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York Country Day School PLP Advis

The spectacular, wonderful, mind-blowing project... and how we got there.

molly wertz

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of York Country Day School PLP Advis

Why did we join PLP? What was our (original) goal? What was our proposal? Look at our project! What did we do? Choices CHALLENGES Did we meet our goal? Now what... YCDS PLP ADVIS Project It's all about the tools! YCDS had high interest but limited resources. No shared goal Original: Tech expo Webinar taught us differently It's all about the shift. Our Expo and how we got there: http://web.me.com/alexgere/YCDS_PLP_Advis_Project_Blog/YCDS_PLP_Advis_Project_Blog/YCDS_PLP_Advis_Project_Blog.html Our survey: http://webform.ycp.edu/view.php?id=106 Ning F2F webinar What to focus on? What is the role of tools? What IS 21st Century learning? Where is our school, faculty, student body? time Over ambitious Initial lack of clear purpose YES Wiki to share projects, continue discussion Alex's Goal : To use Web 2.0 in my classroom using new and exciting tools www.facelivrefranglais.ning.com Eric's Goal: In addition to what we did cover, I expected to talk some about video / audio editing programs, the use of AV materials in a classroom, and learn more about programs like skype. Molly:Exciting ways to use technology to support student learning. Jennifer's goal: I wanted to create a wiki on which I could communicate health and wellness issues with middle school students. Greg's goal : I was anticipating more of a technilogical (tools) experience. I also recall being excited to work with this group of peers at YCDS. Evelyn's Goal: I immediately pictured a souped up English class replete with wikis, a shining smartboard and students buzzing with glee over their newfound love for writing through all our online discussions. Goal Goal:to lead a shift in our school from primarily passive learning to primarily ACTIVElearning What is active learning? ownership self-direction collaboration reflection Wikis in History Visual thesis in English
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