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Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Empty House

No description

Harrison Yue

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Empty House

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Empty House
What is the place where Sherlock fakes his death called?

What are the four places that Sherlock traveled to, while he was in incognito?
Describe the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Is Sherlock Holmes considered to be a flat or round character? Give a brief explaination.
What is theme?

What is the theme of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Empty House?
What is the plot or general idea of this story?

What does Sherlock do, that tricks his enemies in believing that he is dead?
Our Interpretation
Reichenbach Fall

Italy, France, Tibet, Persia
Our Interpretation
A figure of speech in which one thing stands for another

Sherlock Holmes: The hunter
Colonel Moran: The tiger
Policemen and Watson: The guns
Our Interpretation
Colonel Moriarty killing an innocent person through a window of house on a crowded street without anyone knowing until later.

Yes, because as a soldier he is supposed to protect the civilians of his country but instead becomes corrupt and kills them.
What would be a situational irony in this story?

Was it ironic that Colonel Moran killed Ronald Adair? Why?
Our Interpretation
The plot of this story, is basically where Sherlock returns from death, reunites with Watson, and solves the Park Lane Mystery

Sherlock Holmes fakes his death at Reichenbach Falls, only to appear out of nowhere three years later.
What is symbolism?

What are some examples of symbolism in the story?
Our Interpretation
Theme is the main idea or insight about human nature and life conveyed through the piece of literature

Deception: Sherlock was able to deceive the world, by faking his death at Reichenbach Fall thus successfully deceiving both his enemies and even his friend.

Good versus Evil: Although Sherlock was supposedly killed; he came back to Watson and was able to defeat the late Moriarty’s henchmen, Colonel Moran.

Manipulation: Sherlock was able to cause his enemies to reveal themselves and thus allowing him to kill them.

Our Interpretation
The relationship between Watson and Sherlock are like brothers. Although they both have opposite traits from each other they are willing to protect and stay loyal to one another.

Sherlock Holmes is considered to be a flat character because throughout the story he has not changed nor grown even though he was incognito for 3 years.
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