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Hot Chelle Rae

No description

Bella Fifita

on 18 September 2011

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Transcript of Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae Hot Chelle Rae is a pop rock band which started in Nashville, Tennesee in 2005. There are 4 guys in the band Nash, Ryan, Jamie and Ian. SOME FACTS Nash Overstreet
interests:biking,singing,SCUBA diving fav food:sushi
fav bands:Prince,Queen,The Beatles,MJ,The Goo Goo Dolls, Snoop
fav movies:Pineapple Express, Stepbrothers,Superbad,''The Matrix''
fav show:Entourage,True blood
other facts:He has 3 younger sisters Harmony,Skye,Charity,an older sister Summer and a younger brother who plays Sam on Glee. In the band he plays lead guitar and is the backing vocals. Ryan (RK) Follese
nicknames:Rhino, Wheels
birthplace:LA Calafornia
interests:video games,movies,books
fav food:pizza and LOVES EGGS
fav bands:Queen,Beatles,Katy Perry,
Enjoy the zoo,Jimmy eat world,Ours
fav movies:Star Wars trilogy,Star Trek,
fav shows:Entourage,The office
other facts:He plays the rythym guitar
and does lead vocals.Has a brother in the
band called Jamie. Jamie Cristian Follese
interests:Drums,The band,Baseball,Family,Girls
fav food:anything with cheese
fav bands:Metric,Taylor Swift,Avril Lavigne,
Britney Spears,Leona Lewis
fav shows:Family guy,Entourage,
Weeds,South Park
other facts:Plays the drums in the band and has a
brother in the band,Ryan Ian Sebastian Keaggy
nicknames:keaggy,kegger,potbelly pig
hometown:Costa Mesa,CA
fav food:moms chipotle chicken pasta,
chicken broccoli casserole
fav bands:Elbow,Metric,Radiohead,Mum,Outkast
fav movies:Romeo and Juliet,Shooter
fav shows:The office,House
other facts:He plays the bass guitar and also does
the backing vocals SOME PICTURES THE END BY BELLA ;P
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